Paid Media Management

Finally with a partner, not just a vendor.

Multiplatform Management

We manage ALL networks under a single management investment. Simple & Transparent.



We partner with organizations to drive their business growth. Our approach to paid media management is innovative, metric-driven, enterprise-level with a boutique touch.


Creating the Roadmap for Success

Every engagement starts with a rigorous discovery process. We dive deep into understanding your business model, current challenges, opportunities, and align on your goals for growth.


We kick off every paid media engagement with a deep dive understanding of your business, it’s revenue models, your ideal customers/clients, and our objectives together.


We complete an in-depth analysis of your existing campaigns (past or current) to determine the path forward with the most optimized strategy.


We utilize technology to analyze the competitive landscape, ad copy, budgets, and targeting in order to provide insights and direction for our new campaigns.


Drive awareness and action

We get the right eyes on your business via campaigns built on ideal networks to meet your prospects where they are.


High intent, hyper targeted. Drive traffic from motivated users searching with an expressed interest for your products or services.


Awareness & ROI. Our social campaigns are not just aimed at vanity metrics (followers / likes). We seek to drive a direct positive ROAS from social.


Brand awareness combined with high volumes of quality top of funnel traffic. Spread the word while building a profit producing funnel.


Direct to consumer promotion on leading platforms (Amazon, Google Shopping, & Facebook) intended to drive ecommerce checkouts.


Maximize Efficiency and Effectiveness

With paid media you can’t just ‘set it and forget it’. Our team obsessively analyzes data, A/B tests new variables, and capitalizes on wins — so results keep improving month over month.


Testing is key in determining the most effective copy that resonates with your audience. We continuously test various ad copy to determine messaging that converts.


Gender, devices, user location, income, family composition, and much more are just a few of the attributes we analyze to separate buyers from ‘clickers’.


Reallocate budgets based on top performing campaigns, audiences, ad groups, and keywords so that they align with your goals for growth.


Converting paid media traffic is the second equation to solve after attracting traffic. We test and analyze landing pages, assets, and CTA’s to yield the highest conversion rate.


Compounding Growth

As we discover the right mix of audience targeting, advertising copy, and creative it’s time to grow and support your growing business. Whether B2B lead generation or direct-to-consumer eCommerce — we’ve got you covered!

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WEBITMD vs. Others

We’re tired of hearing the same unfortunate stories.

If any of these common ‘tricks’ sound familiar we’d love to help!

Put Your Campaigns to the Test!

We put together a helpful guide w/ video tutorials!

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Stop common money wasting habits with poor keywords
  • Ensure you’re reaching your target audience
  • Track your conversions to understand ROI
  • Actually be profitable from your ad spend!

The Proof is in the Pudding.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of organizations over the last decade ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 1000 enterprises. Our paid media management offering has fueled the growth of those companies and built long standing relationships.

We are proud to be a Google Premier and Facebook Marketing Partner for the last 10+ years.

“…agile, responsible, and scrappy all at the same time.Their knowledge w/ Paid Media + drip/nurturing systems is remarkable. I would trust any biz to give them a shot. They are a growth partner for our business.”

“It takes experience and a deep understanding of various PPC channels to create an effective campaign. The team at WEBITMD gets it! It was a pleasure to work together and we are truly impressed with our results.”

“Our partnership with WEBITMD has been a game-changer for our business. As a result of our mutual analytics, due diligence, game planning and execution; WEBITMD has contributed to more than 3X growth year over year.”

“Paid Media is the biggest driver of net-new leads for my business. I look forward to our continued partnership and consider the WEBITMD team an extension of my own. Highly recommended!”

For 10+ years Google’s partnership with WEBITMD has been tremendous. They are a Premier Partner driving growth across many industry verticals, building & optimizing advertising campaigns on and our network properties. We look forward to the next decade together.

Ken Porter

Agency Account Strategist, Google

Solar Optimum is a Los Angeles-based company that provides renewable and solar plus storage energy solutions for residential, business and commercial clients. After fully embracing the WEBITMD Growth Stack – with the inclusion of technology, marketing strategy, and execution – saw a significant growth to their bottom line.

Global Printing is a commercial product packaging project & logistics provider for brands around the globe. They partnered with WEBITMD to construct & execute a marketing + sales plan that would drive traffic, leads and revenue for their continued growth.

Legion Food Trucks in a premier food truck designer, fabricator, and builder serving clients throughout the US. They take ideas from concept to launch including all needed city and state permits to get a truck on the road and serving food.

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