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SEO offers measurable business growth? Well, regardless of the digital marketing agency you hire, SEO as a stand-alone service can’t offer measurable business growth. All it can do is pull user behavior from Google Analytics and give an opaque glimpse of time spent on site, bounce rate, conversion rate, top pages (just to name a few). But Google Analytics and therefore SEO as a stand-alone service can’t reveal who the people are that are poking around on their site, or where they came from–two important things to know if you want to shorten the sales cycle and target specific buyer personas that are likely to invest in your products or services. But since when is it SEO’s responsibility to shrink the sales cycle and target specific buyers? When you partner with a Dallas SEO company that builds custom growth marketing stacks like WEBITMD, your organic search strategy automatically blends with other strategies and tech tools designed to work together towards achieving the same goals. Now you are expanding the playing field for SEO to really help in driving high-quality traffic that will convert to sales. 

WEBITMD is a digital marketing agency that offers SEO as one of many strategies in a custom growth stack. Other strategies include PPC and paid media, social media, inbound marketing, and a modern approach to SEO for businesses in Dallas, Texas looking for an investment that more closely resembles their needs.

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Types of Businesses in Dallas that Invest in SEO with the Growth Stack

Our growth stack is a monster; it grows businesses on steroids. But, believe it or not, the growth stack approach is not an ideal fit for all business models. For example, you need to have a longer sales cycle and products or services with higher price points for the strategy to make any sense. If you are one of the big oil or natural gas companies that offers fracking, and you need oil marketing solutions, a growth stack would be ideal. Even for companies that do residential homebuilding, or custom swimming pool companies, a growth stack with SEO would be a powerful investment because the sales cycle and price point warrants the added nurturing and marketing automation technology to convert organic leads, as well as the multi-channel approach to generating traffic. Today, more businesses invest in Dallas SEO agencies with growth stacks to reach revenue goals and generate more leads. 

When you call WEBITMD we get right into your business; we learn about your sales cycle, how your customers make purchasing decisions, and we go over your sales goals and some other internal bases before engineering a powerful full-funnel marketing solution complete with SEO as a source for driving traffic to all the stages of the buyer’s journey with custom content written for precise audiences likely to convert.

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Dallas SEO Services that Blow Away Other Local Agencies

When you talk to other agencies, they will tell you how more than 90 percent of searchers click on the first result on page one of Google. But what they won’t tell you is how many of those clicks convert into customers (not many). Are you in business to rank? Does Google send you a crate of cash for ranking on page one? Of course not, nor does SEO as a solo service.

The WEBITMD growth stack uses SEO to drive traffic to optimized pages that actually speak to specific buyers and educates them along a full-funnel buyer’s journey powered by marketing automation. Most of our growth stack clients that also invest in our Dallas SEO services see significant spikes in their lead generation and sales. In fact, many of our clients have more than doubled their revenue from the previous year.

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Dallas SEO Services with Blog Cluster Strategies

Our Dallas SEO Services are powered by high-quality content; not just the message, but the way the blog is structured. A cluster is a blog approach used in SEO strategies in which a single topic is created and captured on a pillar page (like a primary service page). Then a cluster of blogs with unique subjects and titles write on that topic, and all link to the pillar page. The strategy is very complex, and helps circulate the search juice through your site. As a result, you will see rankings shoot up, a higher quality of organic leads, and you will improve the user experience.

Here is an example of an SEO strategy using a blog cluster: imagine you are a big box sporting goods supplier: you have a pillar page on football helmets. Then you have a strategy for writing 20 different blogs that all link to your pillar page that covers topics the buyer’s care about. And since most of your buyer’s will likely be parents, many of the blogs will speak directly to their concerns. For example, one title could be “What Brand of Football Helmet has the best Safety Reviews” to “How to Tell if a Football Helmet is a Good Fit”. As you build up your collection of content that readers care about, you build credibility in the eyes of Google (and in your customers who are ultimately looking for solutions to their needs).

Are You a Fit for the WEBITMD Growth Stack Complete with SEO?

Our Dallas SEO agency in Uptown is proud to work with local businesses in Texas, and to see if our unique approach is a great fit for your business, you should start by reading our FREE guide on the growth stack. Then give us a call so we can learn more about your business, customers, and determine the best SEO approach to helping your company hit all its high revenue targets.
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