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Dallas is booming; it is one of the fastest-growing cities for business and enterprise fostering some of the most successful corporations and startups in the country.

As an award-winning, Google-partner SEO agency with more than a decade of success working with the most recognized brands around the world, it only made sense that WEBITMD’s next office open in Uptown–the economic engine driving Dallas forward in the landscape of collected business growth.

Our Dallas SEO agency was welcomed with local open arms from Uptown’s multiple “live-work-play” communities, and we couldn’t feel more at home. From the trendy and creative spaces of the West Village, to the commercial businesses booming in The Pearl, the Dallas Uptown district is a place that aligns with our growth goals and to which we are proud to be a part of.


What WEBITMD Brings to the Dallas SEO Scene

When it comes to finding a Dallas SEO company, you have many options. WEBITMD has positioned itself in a competitive market offering the highest caliber of organic search strategies that no other agency is touching. We feel we are THE leading agency executing a modern approach to SEO services in Dallas, unlike anyone else in the city.

While most search engine optimization strategies focus on ranking content for terms and keywords with high search volume, WEBITMD locks its sites on ranking search terms YOUR actual customers use, and convert from.

Our approach to SEO begins by understanding how your buyers consume information relevant to your industry, and how they make individual purchasing decisions. We then combine traditional SEO tactics that call for those high-search volume broad keywords with a strategic angle that associates them to your buyer-focused, highly personal content.

This method appeals to intimate buyer needs by ranking the right kind of content people care about, which ultimately reveals your products as the ideal solution to their needs. Once fully educated, customers are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Simply put, the backbone of our SEO strategy is executing content that ranks well for the right audiences fueled by data-backed insights, as opposed to ranking for high-search volume keywords associated with content that has zero audience targeting considerations. Our approach borrows strands from the inbound marketing methodology, thus navigating from the humdrum of common organic search strategies.

A Dallas SEO Company that Uses Organic Search Strategies in Custom Growth Marketing Stacks

WEBITMD is a Dallas SEO company that focuses on measurable growth–something most SEO agencies in Dallas will claim to do, yet they neglect the tech tools and use of other marketing strategies to convert clicks into buyers (they just focus on rankings). Our Growth Stack is a set of tools and strategies that are customized to work with SEO to offer measurable growth that actually turns a high percentage of your traffic into revenue.

Businesses love this approach because they can get an exact ROI for every dollar spent, and this is something SEO on its own simply can’t do because Google Analytics isn’t 100% transparent.

So how does SEO play a role in the growth stack? Again, where traditional SEO strives to rank content to get more clicks, SEO in a growth stack ranks content for a higher-quality level of traffic, and drives people into a nurturing funnel designed to educate them into making a purchasing decision according to the buyer persona, and their stage in the buyer’s journey. The entire strategy is grounded in understanding how your customers make purchasing decisions, and a strong grasp of how your products and services offer the best solution to a buyer’s need. SEO is then designed to rank custom content for these people, and lead them into a workflow powered by marketing automation. This is an approach ideally suited for companies with longer sales cycles and higher price points.


Finally, our CRM captures high-level information on your website’s visitors including their name, the company they work for, and their job title. This is valuable information because it allows our Dallas SEO company to create buyer personas for crafting custom content that speaks to their needs, and allows for direct marketing through our automated system that’s designed to function like a team of 10 people. In other words, your prospects get the human touch from our technology, and when your internal team works with our Dallas SEO agency, their time will be freed up to focus on other areas of your marketing strategy.

When SEO is used in a growth marketing stack it produces higher quality leads, generates more traffic using a multi-channel approach, and harvests valuable data that can help a Dallas SEO company like WEBITMD improve audience targeting tactics while enabling direct marketing opportunities to leads that come in with lots of personal details. And the best part is that all segments of the approach are measurable and scalable.

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Our High-Conversion Dallas SEO Strategies Begins with Your Buyers

As previously mentioned, a successful SEO strategy that absconds ranking with year-over-year revenue gains is rooted in understanding your buyers. This means the best SEO agencies in Dallas need to engage in heavy research to create buyer personas.

Buyer personas are fictional representations of actual customers that help marketers fine-tune audience targeting strategies. Creating buyer personas are commonly part of a robust inbound marketing strategy, but SEO agencies that go above and beyond the traditional merits of a common scope incorporate buyer personas into the onboarding stage of a new engagement. This is one of many things that sets WEBITMD apart as the best Dallas SEO agency; we dive deep into understanding who your buyers are, their pain points, their challenges, and how your brand’s products and services fill their needs-based void.

Once WEBITMD concludes researching your ideal clients and segments your buyer personas, each is assigned a personalized SEO strategy with a single objective: convert organic traffic into paying customers. An agile directive combining rankings, on-site organic optimization, off-site link building, social-signal generation, content hubs, and conversion optimization is engineered. Then SEO services are performed, monitored, studied, and adjusted as needed in order to attract clicks and nurture readers with the right content. This will then lead to converted, satisfied buyers.

The New Approach to Revenue-Generating SEO Strategies

Stop ranking for keywords that drives traffic but with NO conversions. Discover our approach to a growth-driven SEO that actually targets YOUR buyers.


  • The problem with traditional SEO. How WEBITMD’s approach to search optimization changes the way businesses think about organic traffic opportunities.
  • How our custom approach to SEO borrows from the Inbound Methodology to target audiences that convert.
  • Questions you NEED to ask before choosing an SEO agency
  • See how strategic content nurtures leads into buyers.
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SEO-Friendly Platforms Connect Your Brand with Buyers

In order to drive buyers to your website and convert them into paid transactions, various technical components of the website must be aligned to provide a healthy platform for the search engines, and for human visitors.

It is almost always the case that new SEO clients come with websites riddled with problems that negatively impact organic optimization. From broken links to poorly structured page URLs, and to missing meta descriptions and duplicate H tags, our SEO Dallas team runs a comprehensive technical audit to uncover every single red flag. Then our technical SEO experts triage your entire platform leaving a pure, healthy site ready to support the weight of an aggressive search engine optimization strategy.

Technical SEO doesn’t start and conclude in the onboarding process; toxic and irrelevant links surface regularly, and therefore monthly audits are necessary. Once detected, these links are removed from your backlink portfolio to continually demonstrate to Google that your authority is of the highest caliber with no spam or black hat associations.

The Right Keywords to Empower Your SEO Results

Keywords still matter. The problem is that most SEO agencies in Dallas, or anywhere for that matter, don’t choose or use them correctly.

Many search optimization strategists shoot for keywords relevant to their client’s industry, products, and services with high search volume as the main criteria. Their logic is simple: the greater the search volume, the higher the clicks. However, the quality of those clicks are ignored and are therefore almost always poor. Unfortunately, subpar SEO companies don’t consider click quality a guiding factor in their scope. They rank content, and if it doesn’t convert, they find subtle ways to put that responsibility onto the client or other marketing entities such as website development.

WEBITMD’s Dallas SEO agency remains focused on our client’s ultimate business goals. These almost always include increasing revenue, and ensuring year-over-year growth. In order to achieve consistent gains through SEO, keywords and their associated content must center around the brand, products and services, and buyer persona data. Keywords must include those broad, high-search volume types coupled with longtail forms that provide context into the searcher’s needs.

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A thorough search optimization strategy finds additional ways to empower the approach. For example, our SEO team communicates with our paid media department to collect negative keywords used in PPC campaigns. Then we engineer content that combines these keywords with other variations to make it clear to Google who the content is intended for, and who it’s not for.

Keywords are content anchors. If the wrong types are used within poor context, your revenue-generating SEO efforts will rock violently in rough search seas because the wrong people are being attracted to content without an audience-based purpose.

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Google RankBrain, Content, and SEO-Driven Sales

After our Dallas SEO team defines a client’s keywords, the content strategy is pieced together. This is an agile design that will fluctuate based on rankings, engagement analytics, and other considerations. The key is to ensure the strategy will rank well and convert sales.

More than 90 percent of people use Google to search for goods and services. Naturally, placing focus on optimizing high-conversion content for this search engine should be a goal for all SEO agencies. So how is this achieved, and what factors play into the required strategy? This is where it becomes necessary to look at Google RankBrain.

RankBrain is a Google algorithm component running on AI and machine learning. When it rolled out in 2016, SEO became significantly more challenging because base tactics entered the realm of the obsolete, and organic strategists had to have real marketing chops to understand buyers, their needs, and how to rank content that resonates with target buyers. Then around July of 2018, a Google algorithm update awarded previously undervalued content with higher rankings, while downgrading the merit of their competitor’s content.

Google RankBrain self-educates as it determines what sites deserve better ranking for various search terms. The search engine is able to detect user intent by comparing clicks with search queries, on-site engagement analytics, and user navigation in the SERPs. In other words, if a searcher clicks on your site and loves the content, your organic ranking improves for the search terms and associated keywords (that is if the strategy is buttoned up).

This is where our Dallas SEO agency excels; our organic search strategists know how to engineer buyer-targeted content that will rank well for specific cohorts resulting in measurable business growth.

The Best SEO in Dallas Includes Blog Clusters

As you know, organic traffic will be dismal and fail to convert unless the strategy includes highly strategic content. Once your website’s homepage and other web pages are correctly optimized with the right content, a blog can begin running.

There are several reasons why organizations should have a blog. These include the following:

  • Helps control brand identity and reputation
  • Educates customers
  • Builds a network
  • Grows your business
  • Creates new opportunities
  • Establishes you as the leader in your industry
  • Empowers SEO
  • Converts leads into buyers

In terms of SEO, running a blog looks significantly different compared to the way blogging was done a few years ago. Our SEO Dallas team is staffed with the best content strategists in all of digital marketing. Every blog strategy is focused on achieving the client’s business goals, written to buyer personas, targets the various stages of their buyer’s journey, and is written to delight both people and Google. This is achieved through the cluster model.


A blog cluster is a set number of articles where each address a specific need or buyer pain within a particular context. They also contain a unique title and link internally to similar blogs, as well as to a pillar page. The pillar page is almost always the website’s homepage, or a primary product or service page. As blog posts begin ranking, SEO juice is passed through the link to the pillar page thus improving the site’s overall domain authority. When blogs rank, CTAs can be placed in the content taking readers to optimized landing pages where they are likely to convert to buyers.

At WEBITMD, our SEO Dallas team is known throughout the space of digital marketing as true content experts that have created award-winning organic search strategies with content maps very few agencies can touch. Everything we do encompasses your goals with your buyer’s needs, and as a result we nurture organic traffic that converts to sales.

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