4 Paid Media Strategies That Empower Growth Marketing Stacks

Mattan Danino
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First Thing’s First. What’s A Growth Stack?

A growth stack is a set of marketing strategies that work together to help a business grow much more effectively than any individual strategy could by itself. For example, Paid Media, SEO, a quality CRM, email marketing, and great website design drive sales much more effectively when all of these elements are working in harmony than when any given element is missing. Paid Media helps to drive traffic to websites, much like SEO. Quality website design helps to convert this traffic into leads. And quality email marketing helps to convert these leads into buyers. You can also use Paid Media for growth marketing to retarget your leads so you have multiple touch points beyond email to help convert them into buyers.

The following are four strategies commonly used by the best Paid Media agencies to help drive traffic to your site. And if you have quality website design and email marketing set up, these can help to fuel your growth stack.

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1. Running Quality Google Ads in Your Paid Media Strategy

The first strategy is running quality Google Ads campaigns to drive qualified traffic to your website. There’s tons of content all across the web written on this topic. But, in the big picture, when executed properly, this is a great way to connect with potential customers at the moment they’re searching for the types of products and services you deliver. For example, if you sell cars, you can serve ads to people in your area searching for “new cars near me” on Google. If you then have a quality website for them to visit upon clicking your ad, helpful guides for them to download, etc. This can be a great way to generate quality leads for your business.

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2. Facebook Ads to Empower Your Paid Media Efforts

The second strategy is running Facebook Ads to get your brand in front of your ideal customer. This type of strategy is most effective for building a brand over the long term, as opposed to direct sales. However, if your ads are high quality and you offer tremendous value to your audience upfront, this strategy can perform well. The quality of ads you run on Facebook is a major factor in whether or not this strategy will succeed. Many Paid Media agencies have still not mastered advertising on Facebook. However, if you’re serving high quality video ads to your audience, this can be a very powerful way of building your brand awareness, engaging your audience, and converting them in to leads.

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3. Instagram Ads

The third strategy is serving Instagram Ads to your target audience. This is similar to advertising on Facebook but with slightly different ad requirements. Video ads must be under a minute and the ad copy shown in the ad is much more minimal. If your brand is very aesthetically interesting, this can be a great way to grab people’s attention and deliver value to them.

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4. LinkedIn Ads

The fourth strategy is running ads on LinkedIn to target people with specific job titles and functions. LinkedIn is an incredible B2B platform where you’re able to connect with high level decision makers in a more business-minded environment than Facebook or Instagram. The content of the ads you serve on this platform is also paramount. Giving people high quality buyers guides, or other assets with relevant specialized knowledge as a lead magnet can work well on this platform. If you’re in the B2B space, this platform could yield huge rewards for your Paid Media efforts.  

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How This Connects With The Growth Stack

All of the strategies outlined above help to drive quality traffic to your website and generate leads for your business. Whether you execute these strategies yourself or hire Paid Media services to help carry them out with expertise, quality traffic and leads are critical to growing your business.

However, if your potential customers become leads and go no further, your business will never grow. That’s why the complete growth stack is so important for outperforming your current strategy going into the new year. We have to take our potential customers from leads to close sales in order to generate revenue. This is where an organized CRM, email marketing, and advanced remarketing strategies in Paid Media come into play. There’s tons to discuss here. But, from a high level overview, these elements help to turn leads into sales and generate revenue. Paid Media alone is not enough. But with the other elements of the growth stack, PPC advertising can help set your business up for success.

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