Why the Customized WEBITMD Growth Stack Out-Performs Your Marketing Strategy

Jen Saunders
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Nailing down a digital marketing strategy that actually converts traffic into revenue is no easy task. What makes this even more challenging to clients is they basically have no choice but to  trust their agency to know what they are doing. The problem is that many digital marketing agencies offer a cookie-cutter marketing model attractive to business owners through the misleading guise of “Have It Your Way”. But marketing agencies aren’t Burger King. And in order to hit your sales goals while increasing brand awareness, you need every tool aligned and customized to work with YOUR customers as opposed to playing nice with an industry standard.

This is where the WEBITMD Growth Stack clearly stands out as the best growth solution for innovative businesses. The rinse and repeat marketing package no longer works. Why? Because consumer search behavior and search technology has changed up the way the game is played making it paramount that businesses create strategies designed to nurture and educate buyers as opposed to ranking landing pages with a CTA connecting buyers to a sales team.

This article will introduce the WEBITMD Growth Stack explaining why it outperforms every out-of-the-box SEO service offering. It will also go on to explain why business owners love the full transparency in its reporting.

What is the WEBITMD Growth Stack?

The WEBITMD Growth Stack is a set of tools and strategies adjusted by strategists to work together to achieve specific business goals unique to each client and their buyers. We start by understanding how people consume the information that leads them to making purchasing decisions. Then we bring all the elements together that create and drive measurable growth.

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Why Businesses Love Our Growth Stack

Aside from the obvious that it garners more sales, clients love the WEBITMD Growth Stack because our marketing automation software allows for reporting to reveal all the different channels that brought in converting traffic, and it doesn’t stop there. Businesses are able to see who the leads are, where they came from, where they engaged in the workflow and on the site, and view the stage where they converted into a buyer. SEO alone doesn’t do this; it offers an opaque view with lots of theoretical assumptions. Now businesses know just how much their investment is paying off, down to the dollars and cents. Our WEBITMD Growth Stack enables a number of tools so business owners can see just how their bottom line plays into their results.

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The WEBITMD Growth Stack Delivers the Right Content to the Right Audience

Your buyers make up more than one group, so why write content designed to rank for a few select keywords? Who is going to click on your content’s link? And then what? Our WEBITMD Growth Stack is designed to hit individual groups with strategic content that will convert them into buyers through a nurtured journey as opposed to firing blindly into the sky hoping to hit someone with the right message. Using the inbound marketing methodology, paid search strategies, strategic content and various social channels we customize an approach using all of these tools to create an end result of satisfied buyers. Our workflows are hand-tailored to make YOUR buyers aware of their needs, curious to move through the funnel consuming more information, and present them with the right content that bridges the stages of the buyer’s journey resulting in a sales hike.

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How can the WEBITMD Growth Stack Help You Exceed Your 2018 Sales Goals?

We invite you to download our FREE guide below on the WEBITMD Growth Stack; consider it’s various points from Inbound to Sales Enablement, and ask yourself if you can see your business benefiting from this type of strategy? We hope you have questions; give us a call and let’s get to know your business.

Download The WEBITMD Growth Stack.

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