Three Big Reasons How Inbound Marketing can Grow your Business

Martin Andrews
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With more than 90 percent of people turning to the Internet for goods and services, your business simply can’t afford to miss out on such a massive hub of potential revenue. Search engine optimization has been the digital marketing staple for over a decade. But as search technology has advanced and buyers are more sophisticated, inbound marketing is required to make the most of SEO and garner trackable revenue. In fact, the best inbound marketing professionals recommend streamlining your SEO to fuel your inbound strategy. Once the blueprint is finalized, a solid marketing automation platform can fuel your efforts towards optimum business growth. Here are three ways inbound can grow your business and set the way for a bright, prosperous future.

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Reach the Right Buyers with the Right Content

You can have a solid SEO strategy to rank content for various core keyword phrases, but if the message doesn’t resonate with your readers, it’s a lost cause. One way inbound marketing can grow your business is by sending the right content to buyers at the right stage in the buyer’s journey. For example, if you own a company that makes software for internal communications within the edu vertical, you might be able to rank for “communication software for colleges”, but will this content convert people who don’t already know how your product can be a solution to their needs? The inbound marketing methodology takes purposeful content and sends it to cohorts most likely to convert. So if a buyer is in the awareness stage, they already know they have a problem (let’s say they need a better email system and instant chat feature that archives communications) and they are looking for specific content that gives them an educated read on various solutions to their problem. If they land on software specific content that goes into depth, they will likely click out because the message doesn’t show them how it solves their problem; it simply goes into depth with specs. If, however, a buyer has moved into the decision stage and they know they need a software solution, something that goes into great detail would be ideal for converting them into delighted buyers.

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Track Direct Revenue

Organic SEO on its own can’t directly show where revenue comes from unless you have various marketing platform add-ons like call tracking. When using the inbound methodology your marketing automation tool will be able to show you all the high-level touch points where people engage your content, track the steps buyers made in the funnel, and reveal where they converted into spent cash. This data will help you better understand how consumers relate to your products and services, show where to invest marketing dollars, and help reduce spend.

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Better Understand Your Buyers

Business growth relies on hitting and exceeding your sales goals, and when you can better understand your buyers and identify their pain points, you will have greater success in showing them how your products and services are the answer to their problem. When it comes down to how to do inbound marketing, you need to create buyer personas to reflect each cohort in your customer audience. These are fictionalized representations of your real customers that reveal insights like income, family status, career title, job responsibilities, hobbies and several other points that create opportunities for you to show buyers how your brand can provide a solution to their needs. The best inbound marketing agencies have specialists who teach businesses how to communicate between their marketing and sales teams to gather the necessary information to create winning buyer personas that lead to revenue increases.

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