Chris HomanCreative Director


As a multi-disciplined professional in the creative & technology sector for 15+ years, Chris Homan is uniquely positioned to manage high level creative, marketing, and web development campaigns. Self-employed for almost 10 years, he has succeeded in remaining current in the newest technologies, online services, and social trends to ensure projects receive the most robust, cutting-edge solutions available.

Equal parts illustrator, designer, coder, marketer, hacker, and geek, Chris is an expert in hand-coded Responsive HTML5 and CSS; a creative front-end web developer with a robust balance of experience. He is an Adobe Master and a WordPress Expert. He regularly leverages prototyping frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, within proprietary PHP, .NET, and jQuery. He remains on the pulse of the freshest open-source scripts, themes, plugins, and content management systems in the industry, with innovative thoughts on the direction technology, UI, and UX is headed.

In his free time, Chris tries his best to tear away from the digital world. He enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, cuisine, and mountain biking. And Gadgets 🙂