Episode 3: The Power of Peak Performance in Sales with Jordan Benjamin

Welcome back to episode 3 of our video podcast miniseries. In this episode, we will focus on the idea of peak performance; how to create it for yourself and your team, and how to maintain it. Also, how that mindset can shape and change the way we sell by injecting humanity and an attitude of service back into the field.

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Episode Takeaways

  • What is Peak Performance?
  • What does Peak Performance Look Like in Sales?
  • How to Maintain Peak Performance in a Sales Grind
  • What Team Over Self Can Look Like in Sales
  • What Peak Performance Looks Like When Talking to Sales Prospects
  • Low-Lift Tips for Getting Started

Highlighted Quotes

  • Jordan: “I had to rethink a lot about what are my standards. And what we have seen over the years is good work used to get really great results. But the amount of competition and technology that we have that can enable people to do great things, we really now need to start leveling up our standards not to just be good or fine or okay, but to be great, excellent, and outstanding so we can great, excellent, and outstanding rewards.”
  • Jordan: “How do we not just sprint, but how do we sprint and rest, sprint and rest are how I start thinking about sustaining performance. By doing things that fill me up and really renew and replenish me. [And then] I can move back into that flow state, or that Optimal Performance Zone. So when I can, I really recover, get rest, and renew in between those times where I really have got to be able to show up.”
  • Mattan: “I actually enjoy the selling part of my role. So when I enjoy it, I think I come with that attitude, that mindset, people see that, and that sort of allows me to be my best when I do show up.”
  • Jordan: “We are here as individuals and sales, but we are also here together to achieve something greater than any one of us could accomplish on our own. It is about creating this culture of sharing ideas.”
  • Jordan: “Knowing that there is an abundance of opportunity out there is one of those mindset shifts for me that I think helps us move away from feeling like it is just this grind, to wow, how can I look for that opportunity to celebrate others that really helps me find that the ones that are winning, means I can be there too and it is not like they are taking away from me.“
  • Mattan: “Education in sales is huge. If you can educate the prospect, the trust goes through the roof. You remove the barrier where they feel like you are pitching them.”
  • Mattan: “I don’t say that I sell, I co-create plans with prospects. If we determine that we as an agency can help execute that plan, then of course we should help them. And I feel that is huge in sales.”

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