Episode 2: The Power of Mindfulness in Leadership with Jordan Benjamin

In episode 2, entitled The Power of Mindfulness in Leadership and Company Culture, we sit down with Jordan Benjamin, a Pre-IPO HubSpot Sales Manager and Founder of My Core OS to focus on how cultivating mindfulness can lead to personal growth and self-awareness as a leader that in turn impacts how you empower your team and build a healthy and positive team culture.

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Episode Takeaways

  • What Does Mindfulness Look Like Professionally
  • How Self-Awareness Helps Leaders Succeed
  • Why Work-Life Harmony Over Work-Life Balance
  • Creating Psychological Safety for Your Team
  • The Four-Step Framework to Professional Success
  • Other Low-Lift Tips for Getting Started

Highlighted Quotes

  • Mattan: “The other thing I also find balance in is having outlets outside of work. [This outlet] allow[s] you to sort of keep focus on what you are doing, but also when you have another outlet that you can dedicate passion to or some kind of drive or endeavor that is just for yourself, you feel accomplished there. And then you show up at work even more so ready to tackle the day and tackle the challenges at hand.”
  • Jordan: “What we start seeing now from folks that are trying and testing new things and getting outside of their comfort zone is that that helps build neuroplasticity within the brain. That is going to help develop new neural pathways And new neural networks for you to operate. So when you run into challenging situations in the future, now you’ve actually got more opportunity from the way you’ve programmed and changed your brain that let you say, I am okay exploring and testing new things that I haven’t actually done before.“
  • Jordan: “I am such a big fan of creating that environment for anybody to bring in different thoughts and ideas. Because diverse teams will perform better.”
  • Mattan: “We are all human beings. We are all trying to perform and better our lives and careers and even our personal lives. A lot of that is fueled by your work, your work is a big part of your life. So having that sort of format where people can speak and rise up together, I think that is quite strong.“
  • Jordan: “Work-life harmony just sounds so much more delightful than work-life balance or integration.  I love to find that balance and sort of flow in how you work and how you live and bring them together. And the stuff is so easy to do, but we are so much more focused on how do we just get into the business objective first in every meeting. So the easiest way [to get empathetic with your team] is to just carve out 5 minutes — ask one or two questions at the start of a meeting, things like what are some things you want to work on and what things are important to you, and to even model what that looks like in your own life.”
  • Mattan: “The idea of having a good cultural fit in what you do professionally — you have to like working there. And so I feel that that is an element that every business is incorporating whether they like it or not. And if they’re not doing it they are being left behind and people are going elsewhere.“
  • Jordan: “What went well and what is something we want to improve on? That will help drive a growth mindset. It’s not where did we screw up, but where do we have the opportunity to improve?”

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