Episode 1: The Power of Breathwork with Carson Finkle

In our first episode entitled The Power of Breathwork, we sit down with breathwork coach and eCommerce business owner, Carson Finkle to talk about breathwork as a powerful tool for business owners and entrepreneurs for not only managing stress and burnout but also for aligning their professional and personal WHY, visualizing their goals, and gaining clarity on the steps to achieve those goals for greater success.

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Episode Takeaways

  • Why is Breathwork important
  • What a Breathwork session feels like; mentally and physically
  • Identifying your WHY and where you want to go
  • Time elongates when you are mindful and present
  • Low-lift tips to start using Breathwork right now

Highlighted Quotes

  • Carson: “Our heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain does to the heart so when people talk about that knowing, that intuition, that gut feeling, that we all sometimes feel… that is a very very real thing.”
  • Mattan: “I’m leaving [from] an hour or so of breathing physically feeling a sense of energy and mentally feeling huge clarity.”
  • Carson: “Sometimes you are shown things, like visions, of things in the future. The breath is almost showing us these little breadcrumbs of where we actually want to go and I love when I get to hear months later that these visions came true to every last little detail. That’s what lights me up.”
  • Mattan: “I try to block out 5, 10, 15 minutes on my calendar to box breath. Sometimes I do that before a sales call; it feels good, it gets me level set and grounded, I focus on my notes. Then I go into the call with good energy and focus, and I think other people see that.”
  • Carson: “For people that are really business-focused, breathwork gives them a download of a to-do list. They know exactly at the end the exact next five things in order that I need to do right now for my business, to get where I want to go.”
  • Mattan: “The action steps that I’ve gotten within the session to dictate what I am about to do, or what I was a little unclear on. Then I literally execute that in the next few days. I sort of vision that, during the session, creating it, and all of a sudden it comes to be. But the clarity of defining what that is — that mental clarity is huge.”

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