Inbound Marketing

Nurturing Real Business Growth

Do you know where your customers are spending time online? Do you know how people are finding your brand? Do you know what happens after somebody lands on your site? Inbound marketing is about finding the answers to these questions so we can make the biggest possible impact and turn increased traffic into tangible growth for your business.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Because you have the perfect solution – your customers just don’t know it yet.

Inbound marketing makes it easy for people to find you online and interact with your brand. By educating and informing your audience, we can better prepare them to make a purchase while building trust in the process. This doesn’t just mean more customers, it means more long-term customers with a higher lifetime value.


Attract New Visitors

Inbound marketing does more than just send traffic to your site – it attracts your “ideal customers” who are most likely to make a purchase. By providing these visitors with valuable, targeted content, we can help them with their buying decisions and increase the chances that they will do business with you, and not your competition. We use the following tactics to attract visitors to your site:

Social Media

Your customers are on social media and you should be too. Not only does social media provide a friendly and easy way to communicate with your audience, it gives you a way to share content and spread your brand’s message in a simple, cost-effective manner. Social media also gives you a way to establish a personal connection with your customers and build further trust.

Growth Driven Design (GDD)

GDD is an ongoing, iterative design process that allows that reduces time-to-launch by focusing on areas that will have the most impact on your business goals. Once the site is launched, we can make improvements to increase functionality without having to do a complete redesign. The GDD process also gives us valuable insight into why and how visitors come to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic search is a huge source of traffic for most businesses. After identifying which keywords your customers are using to find you and your competitors, we can develop a strategy that will bring organic traffic to your site. This involves optimizing your web pages, writing keyword content, and understanding contextual messaging.


Blogging is a great way to attract visitors to your site for two main reasons: (1) it creates more pages to be indexed by the search engines and (2) it gives a visitors a reason to come to – and stay on – your site. Blogging also has an added bonus of educating and informing your customers which, in turn, creates further trust with your brand.

Converting Leads

Getting qualified visitors to your site is only part of the challenge. Once a visitor has landed on one of your pages, they need to have a clear conversion path if you want to capture their contact info and turn them into a marketing qualified lead.

We use Calls-To-Action (CTAs), landing pages, and smart forms to collect contact information and turn your visitors into marketing qualified leads. Once we have collected enough data, we can begin nurturing these leads until they are ready to speak with your sales team. Our strategy for conversion consists of the following elements:


Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

CTAs are graphical buttons that we place strategically throughout your website. They encourage visitors to take specification actions, such as downloading gated content, requesting a quote, subscribing to a mailing list, or anything else that might have value to your business. Without the right CTAs in the right places, your conversion goals will not be met.

Smart Forms

Smart forms are used mainly on landing pages – as well as other parts of your site – to collect information about your visitors. Forms ask visitors to provide some basic information about themselves before they are given to access to gated content. Smart forms remember what information a visitor has already provided and will ask for different info on their next visit.

Landing Pages

Once a visitor clicks on a CTA, we bring them to a landing page where they are asked to fill out a form before gaining access to the content offer. Landing pages are standalone pages that exist specifically to provide information on individual promotions or campaigns your company is running. They play an instrumental role in the conversion process.

Contact Organization

Having a centralized place to keep all of your lead’s contact information – and particularly which landing page they converted on – is essential for future marketing interactions. This allows us to segment your contacts based on information such as where they are in their buyer’s journey, physical location, income level, company size, etc, and tailor our marketing efforts accordingly.


The Growth Stack

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Closing Customers

We don’t just help you drive traffic and increase conversions – we want to see you actually close more deals. As part of our inbound marketing engagement, we will work with you to help streamline your sales process so we can continue to provide high-quality leads and help you put the ball in the hoop with the following tools and tactics:

List Segmentation

Segmenting your contacts into different lists allows us to be more specific in our marketing efforts and better prepare customers to talk with your sales team. After your contacts have been properly segmented based on individual criteria, we can enroll them in a series of relevant emails that will be helpful in their buying decision.

Lead Nurturing

Just because a visitor has converted on your site doesn’t always mean they will become a customer. We use different lead nurturing tactics – such as lead scoring and marketing automation – to keep your brand front and center while a prospect moves through the sales funnel. Lead nurturing campaigns greatly increase the chances of closing a deal.

Marketing Automation

With automation tools, we can schedule marketing tasks – such as sending an email or updating lifecycle stages – in response to an established trigger. For example, if someone downloads an ebook on your site, we will enroll them in a series of emails based around a similar topic. This allows us to put the right content in front of the right people at the right time.

Closed-Loop Reporting

In order to provide the highest quality leads to your sales team, we utilize a closed-loop reporting system. This, essentially, is where your sales team reports back on what is happening we the leads we provide so we can identify what are best and worst sources are. Closed-loop reporting is essential to refining and improving our inbound marketing efforts.


Building Loyalty

The sales process doesn’t end when you close the deal. We want to continue to engage and educate existing customers to create what is known as “brand loyalty.” Loyal customers are not only likely to return, they are likely to refer your business to their friends and colleagues – and we all know referral customers are cheaper than traditional ones.


Smart CTA’s

CTAs are graphical buttons that we place strategically throughout your website. They encourage visitors to take a specification action, such as downloading a gated content offer. Smart CTAs know where a visitor is in the buyer’s journey and deliver the right message at the right time for maximum value.

Marketing Automation

Automated workflows are an easy way to stay in front of existing customers and introduce them to products or services they might be interested in. They allow us to send a series of staggered emails to your existing customers that are designed to educate and build further trust with your brand.

Social Media

Simply put, your customers are on social media and you should be too. We will look into different platforms to find out where exactly customers are spending their time online and how we can reach them. Having a strong social media presence allows you to share content and engage with your audience in a highly direct and personal way.

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