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Ecommerce Marketing with Measurable Results

Ecommerce marketing is one of the most challenging services offered in the digital marketing landscape. This is why most agencies either don’t offer it, or they run Ecommerce digital marketing with little strategic direction.

WEBITMD’s approach to Ecommerce digital marketing uses SEO within a multi-channel strategy through an agile process of driving sales by funneling the right kind of traffic to a brand’s store through a custom Growth Stack. This is achieved through a data-rich environment aligned to drive website traffic, optimize the user experience, promote branding and help businesses hit their revenue targets. Without the right approach, increasing crucial metrics like your average order value, buy-to-detail rate, and cart abandonment rate would be extremely difficult if not impossible.

Why Use Digital Ecommerce Marketing Services?

9 out of 10 Ecommerce businesses are only reaching a single segment of their consumer market, leaving tons of revenue on the table. Then consider that the average person spends five hours a week browsing through online catalogues, and 51 percent of Americans prefer shopping online. A robust Ecommerce digital marketing strategy helps businesses feed their bottom line by defining various buyer groups while creating educational and strategic content that aids shoppers in making a purchasing decision. The strategy unites cross sections of buyers with your products in the context the customer has found the best solution to their needs. While the strategy runs, Ecommerce marketing companies collect rich amounts of data used to optimize various segments of the roadway to achieving your ultimate growth goal.

From improving your customer lifetime value to increasing your recurring payments, a savvy Ecommerce digital marketing agency knows where and how to make the needed improvements to your overall strategy to help you achieve your year-over-year revenue targets.

Digital Ecommerce Marketing, Your Growth Stack

The WEBITMD approach to Ecommerce marketing absconds the basic, traditional approach with our custom Growth Stack. Our team pieces together various strategies and technologies to work together to achieve the same goal in a highly measurable ecosystem. Some of these include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Paid Media & PPC
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Website, Landing Page, Newsletter & Asset Design
  • Ecommerce Blog
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Ecommerce Marketing Strategies, Tactics & Goals the WEBITMD Way

Goal alignment is at the center of every Ecommerce marketing strategy engineered and managed by WEBITMD. From finding your precise target audiences to discovering high-conversion product keywords, to pinpointing shareable topics to engaging top influencers, every strand of our initiatives are goal-oriented and focus on your customers.  When broken down, it looks like this:

  1. Marketing Goals – The What
  2. Marketing Strategies – The Objective
  3. Marketing Tactics – The How

When sub goals such as shortening your time lag to increasing your email open rate are aligned with a clear understanding of executable actions required for success, your brand wins every time.  

Ecommerce SEO

Content and keywords are the foundation of any Ecommerce SEO strategy. While some Ecommerce SEO agencies use keyword research as an informant for all SEO-related tasks, WEBITMD places all focus on your customers by discovering how they engage information relative to your products and industry when making a purchasing decision. We dive deep into multiple pools of data to uncover their pain points. Then we analyze how people search for your goods online before putting together a list of keywords with a mapped-out Ecommerce SEO strategy.

When it comes to keywords for an organic Ecommerce marketing plan, we use a wide range designed to optimize everything from product descriptions to primary web pages. These keyword types include:

  • Product Defining Keywords
  • Customer Defining Keywords
  • Geo-Targeting Keywords
  • Broad, High-Search Volume Keywords
  • Niche Keywords
  • Long Tail keywords
  • Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

Once all the necessary types of keywords are created, a content strategy is mapped out at the page level, delving deep into your site’s navigation creating a healthy circulatory system for organic search optimization.

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Ecommerce Blog for SEO

Blogging for business growth accounts for millions of dollars in revenue, and in the world of Ecommerce, there is no difference. A strategic blog will be well structured, linking internally to specific pages and product descriptions. This will improve the user experience and increase SEO results while ceding a steady increase of your site’s domain authority.

Our WEBITMD content marketing team studies your buyer personas and creates clusters of content with the objective to attract visitors most likely to convert into paying customers. The process involves optimizing product descriptions, product pages, your homepage, and blogs while creating a uniform degree of relevance Google’s search engine favors, and that your buyers will love. With ongoing unique content being added addressing exclusive topics in a context that matters to your customers, a strategic Ecommerce blog for SEO will be a central component of the Growth Stack.

Digital Marketing for Ecommerce and the Inbound Methodology

When it comes to digital marketing for Ecommerce, the goal to attract leads and convert them into buyers often leaves money on the table. Managing a sales pipeline takes time and manpower. This is where the WEBITMD Growth Stack for Ecommerce shines.

With our advanced CRM and marketing automation technology, leads are qualified and scored accordingly where they are nurtured with appropriate messaging through a highly-targeted email marketing strategy. From the first touch point where customers initially learn about your brand, to the decision stage where they are ready to select a product for purchase, our inbound marketing process saves organizations time and money by only sending the right messaging to target buyers, in a fully automated and measurable method.

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Improving Your Sales Cycle

Where most Ecommerce marketing agencies stop, WEBITMD keeps working to help improve your sales cycle. Knowing which channels you can attribute your sales to will help marketers make necessary changes to the strategy to shorten your sales cycle and decrease spending. This can be accomplished through attribution modeling, conversion rate optimization, improving audience targeting, and a number of other strategies. From identifying the last channel customers interacted with before making a purchase, to the last AdWords Ad engaged before checking out from their shopping cart, digital marketing for Ecommerce should not just layout strategies to acquire sales, but optimize the process for efficient growth.

The WEBITMD solution for Ecommerce marketing also sets out to improve your card-to-detail rate, reduce shopping cart abandonment rates, and use cross-selling strategies to both increase revenue and speed of the sales process.

Marketing Technology for Ecommerce

Technology is central to the Ecommerce Growth Stack. Our advanced CRM is the mission control center where the WEBITMD team drives success. This is where a custom stack of tools are integrated to work together in a highly efficacious manner where every sub-strategy is run and monitored towards achieving short-term and long-term goals. This is where marketing automation, workflows, email, social listening, and marketing qualified leads are fed into a single platform to run a successful and cost-effective game plan.

Advanced analytics hinde heavily on Ecommerce marketing technology. While Google Analytics offers an opaque view of engagement data on your website, our HubSpot CRM offers highly valuable , fully transparent data on your potential customers such as their name, the company they work for, and their job title. Now only will this information help our marketing team create intimate messaging that converts at exceptionally high levels, ot also helps develop in-depth buyer personas used to improve various cross sections of your entire marketing plan.

Finally, the high-level data our technology stack extracts from your buyers is used to engineer multiple strategies required to hitting your big growth goal. From shortening your customers path rate to minimizing time lag and advancing upselling strategies, every piece of data is paired to a strategy to achieve multiple goals bursts that maximize revenue potential.

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Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing

If your products and services are a good fit, affiliate marketing can be a cost-effective and powerful way to generate sales through a measurable and sustainable framework. This is a type of performance-based marketing in which a brand partners with online publishers to promote your products and drive people to various parts of your website. Online publishers get paid a certain percentage of the final sale, or per visitor that’s generated from their promotion. Ecommerce growth agencies begin these engagements by taking all the necessary data from your organic, paid media and inbound campaigns to determine top conversion rate factors. Then a campaign is created through the affiliate marketing partner with tracking codes placed for monitoring performance. The best Ecommerce marketing agencies will ensure your investment is bringing a return by optimizing components of the campaign for greater performance along the way.

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