Google AdWords Bid Adjustments – Tricks and Tips Revealed!

Mattan Danino
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enhanced-campaign-bid-adjustmentsA bid adjustment allows for percentage change to a bid and gives room for increase or decrease accordingly, based on your ads getting good returns on investments. Your expenditure on individual clicks may vary, but that would not affect your daily budget. Here is some information ion which bid adjustment suits your campaign and ad groups.

Multiple Bid Adjustments

Advertiser Be Aware: Multiple Bid Adjustments Influence Each Other

Before I start off this post it’s important to mention that all these bid adjustments affect each other. If you’ve set a 150% location bid adjustment and a 150% mobile bid adjustment your $10 bid will turn into a $22.5 bid.

This is because the bids become multiplied with each other. Be careful when setting several bid adjustments and know exactly how they will affect your bidding. The last thing you want is your bidding to go absolutely out of control.

Adjustments in Campaign Bids – From your campaign’s  setting tab you can make bid adjustments for locations, devices,  and ad schedules. For instance you can you can target a location that is generating more valuable leads with an increase in adjustment to a bid. Let’s have a detailed look on campaign bid adjustment that you can set.

Locations – Bid adjustments can be set for particular postal codes,cities and other geographical area.For those  customers who are  located around your business, you can set different bids by using location extension targeting.

Ad Scheduling – It lets you to increase or decrease your bids for particular days of the week, times and more flexibility for campaigns that use custom and scheduling. If you want your Adwords to be shown, advanced settings will help you to specify certain hours or days of a week.

Mobile Bid Adjustment Device – With the help of this tool you can bid more or less competitively for the purpose of searching  and website views on mobile devices.

Adgroup Bid Adjustments – If you are focusing on enhanced “ display network only” campaign , then ad group bid adjustments can be set for various targeting methods. From an Adgroup ‘s setting tab following settings can be made.

Devices – For searches and website views on handset device, you can bid more or less fairly.

Targeting Methods – You can set bid adjustments for targeting methods like placement remarking list.

An Advertiser Must Be Aware that Multiple Bid Adjustments Affect Each Otherhow-google-adwords-bid-adjustments-work

You Must be aware of the fact that multiple bid adjustments influence each other.  For instance If you have equally set location bid adjustment and mobile bid adjustment your $x bid will turn into $2x that because of the multiplied bids. You should be careful while setting various bid adjustments and must know have knowledge of how these settings affect your bidding.

Some Of The Key Strategies That Can Be Implemented Are;

1. To maximize opportunity it is advised to increase bid adjustment for peak sales hours.

2. When the office is closed bid adjustments can be decreased for nights and weekends.

3. Bid adjustment can be enhanced where more number of conversations occur.

4. To serve more people in the area of your physical store, combination of device and location can be used.

5. If your mobile user experience is not so good, bid less

6. Categories that are of core interest and  are closest to your target market, more bidding is done and less for Corresponding interest

7. By adjusting bids , Placements can be arranged in a first choice and  second choice tiers

8. Bids can be increased during lunch hours to reach people who search over the lunch hour.

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