Replace Mass Email Marketing Blasts with these Approaches to Optimize Sales Performance

Jen Saunders
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“Goddamnit”. This is the first thing that enters most people’s minds when they see what is, clearly, a mass email blast that’s been sent to their inbox. Some even make assumptions like, “are these guys too lazy to send a personal email” or the sarcastic, “oh, that’s original, I’ve never seen this before”.

Sending mass email marketing blasts is like smashing a pie in your lead’s faces: it gets old, its thoughtless, and it’s done just for the sake of conforming to a marketing norm.

Now let’s flip that coin over and look at the brighter side: if there is a well-thought strategy in place, with the right marketing automation tools, email marketing campaigns can come across as thoughtful, custom messages that get people excited and lead them through a valuable nurturing process where they often convert to customers.

This article will go over an email prospecting strategy used by the best growth marketing agencies specializing in inbound and traffic generation tactics that play significant roles in helping organizations improve sales and hit their high-revenue targets while significantly improving their bottom line reporting.

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Mass Email Marketing: Don’t be a Masshole

Mass email marketing is when the same email is sent to a significant portion of your contacts and leads. This is an old school tactic, yet one that’s surprising still used today, even by some marketing agencies. This strategy yields a low conversion rate because today;s buyers are savvy, and they know when they are being treated as a number in a list of leads, as opposed to an individual with unique needs. Blasting the same email to every contact in your database is a masshole move, and one that any buyer with an average IQ can detect. As a consumer yourself, would you be motivated to invest more time into learning about a product from someone who didn’t have the time to reach out to you as an individual with zero personalization tokens?

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Growth Marketing Agencies Still Use Marketing Automation, but Personalize the Hell Out of Messaging and Approach

A top growth marketing agency uses a multi-channel approach with marketing automation to improve lead generation through SEO, paid media, and other arms of your marketing strategy in addition to email marketing campaigns. Remember, the success of your email marketing rests in two main areas: the quality of leads that make your list, and how the email content resonates with each segmented cohort in your list.

Lazy digital marketers will take your current list or even pay for leads, and market the same email, using the same cadence. But this isn’t 2008, and people don’t convert from what is a clear attempt to make zero personalization efforts. Today’s buyers are savvy, they engage in research before making a purchasing decision, and they also even take steps to learn more about their real needs and ain points before looking for solutions. When your email messaging can segment leads according to their buyer personas and set needs, and send messages with personalized language that helps ignite the reader’s own self awareness, they will have an easier time connecting the dots between what they need to improve their lives, and the solution for doing so your products offer.

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Email Marketing Messages Should Contain Valuable Pieces of Information

We already talked about using email messaging as a way to form needs-based connections with your leads, and including valuable pieces of information can improve engagement metrics and conversions. For example, let’s say you are an internationally known scuba diving equipment manufacturer, and you are currently running a campaign on cold water regulators. Your buyer personas and market research conducted by your growth marketing agency (as well as your sales department) indicate that the two biggest needs faced by cold water divers are regulators that won’t freeflow, and that can be used in any temperature, as people simply like using their own gear whether they are diving in a glacier or in the tropics.

A savvy email marketing campaign could include product reviews from real people who list their dive certification number and skill level in each review, links to articles addressing freeflow issues from trusted scuba diving publications, and if you are a growth marketing client, inbound marketing will be one of many channels used in your strategy therefore potentially justifying a buyer’s guide that people can download in every email with CTAs that lead them to landing pages optimized to convert visitors.

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Successful Email Marketing Requires High-Power Tech Tools and Strategies

Nobody has the time to individually craft custom emails for every contact in your database, let alone segment them into buyer persona groups. But one marketer managing the technology capable of doing this in mere minutes is doable, and even works better as it removes any room for human error. Leads will no longer slip through the cracks.

A CRM like HubSpot managed leads that come from organic traffic, paid media, social media and email marketing, qualifies them, segments them, and feeds each lead a highly personalized email with an actionable item that sends them through a conversion funnel where they are nurtured with the right content they need to make an educated purchasing decision.

Sales don’t happen from cookie-cutter emails that send people to shopping carts; leads need to be individually recognized, they need to feel understood, and engage with well-written content that speaks directly to their unique needs so they can make an educated and confident purchasing decision. Are you ready to level up in your business growth pursuit?

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