How to Gain a New (and Skeptical) Digital Marketing Client’s Trust

Martin Andrews
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Do you have a new digital marketing client who trusts you about as far as they could throw you? Hey, it’s not your fault; even the best agencies and SEO experts get a bad rap just as trustworthy auto mechanics do. Why? Because you often get little proof that the work being done is to the highest standards, and these industries are known for having “a few bad eggs” (well, more than a few) who rip clients off.

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Don’t Try to Argue Your Way Into Their Circle of Trust

One sure way to leave a client skeptical is by trying to argue how great your agency is. You are saying nothing new here; all marketing agencies are going to say they are the best.

Instead turn the focus away from you and put it on them. Ask the client what their past experience was in SEO, what worked and didn’t work, and ask what their ultimate goal is. If they say “I want to be number one on Google” stop them right there and ask why? Ask them if they think being number one on Google will actually get them more sales. Ask them what their sale goals and return expectations are. Turn the spotlight away from your agency and shine it on your client instead.

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Give them Referrals

You should have a list of client referrals that paint a fair and balanced picture of your ability to help others reach their business growth goals. Create a review form that has detailed questions. Avoid the simple star-rating template. Potential clients will trust you more if you can give them referrals that showcase in-depth questions like these:

  • What was a problem you faced with your marketing and how did your agency fix it?
  • To what extent did your agency honor your requests while still executing their marketing strategy?
  • Did the agency communicate with you in a timely and professional manner?

These are the detailed questions that will get others to have more trust in you. Finally, don’t be afraid to show your “bad side”. Let the referral survey ask a question pertaining to how you can improve. Just make sure the referral client has given you permission to use their name and be open to getting calls from potential clients with questions.

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Offer High-End Customized Services

Most businesses who don’t trust digital marketing agencies remain wary because they came from a bad experience.  You can instill their trust while showing your value by offering the client a truly customized marketing strategy as opposed to the “Pro, Elite, and Platinum” cookie-cutter models that businesses opt for. Marketing is not Cable TV; there shouldn’t be any service plans like this. Let your client know that because their business is unique, they need a custom strategy that not only offers great organic ranking, but that draws the right buyers to the right high-conversion landing pages.

Introduce the inbound marketing methodology and, taking the data they have given you on their business, paint a picture for the client as to how it would look in a marketing automation funnel.

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Trust Me

Be direct, listen to the client, show them the white-glove treatment your agency offers, and be transparent while putting the focus on them. In no time your will see a great improvement in their comfort levels, which will lead to total trust.

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