How Chatbot Technology Empowers Growth Marketing Strategies

Jason Patel
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If you are already benefiting from a custom growth marketing stack, then you already know the value of using a multi-channel approach to drawing traffic, sending them through a nurturing funnel, and converting them to a paid customer thanks to content written specifically to their buyer personas, and sent using the right cadence, at the right times, through a flawless marketing automation system. The best growth marketing agencies that offer custom marketing stacks take their approach a step further, and include chatbot technology. If you are a current growth marketing client, or you are about to transition into this approach, this article is intended to help business owners and members of the C-Suite learn why adding chatbot technology will empower business growth and help your organization hit it high revenue targets. 

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Chatbots Send Qualified Leads to Precise Points in a Growth Marketing Funnel

One way to qualify leads that are likely to convert and enroll them into a campaign is through chatbot technology. Savvy growth marketing agencies will program chatbots to execute a conversation strategy based on the inquiries that come in from searchers. For example, if someone asks a chatbot “is your CB3 oil 100% pure and intended for people with anxiety and chronic pain”, then the response can trigger an invitation to learn more with a link to a landing page within the discovery phase of the buyer’s journey.

Because they are asking questions that will help them learn more about the product and its ability to be a great solution to their needs, and they aren’t sure about the product’s fine points or intended uses, the lead is taken to a part of the funnel where custom content will answer their questions, and then usher them on to the next phase in the conversion funnel. And the best part is that the entire process is automated, meaning you need very few team members involved. Finally, growth marketing agencies help their clients increase sales by integrating chatbots into the current selection of tech tools, and this all starts by sending the right traffic to the right portions of the sales funnel.  

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Chatbots Retrieve Valuable Data for Enhancing Audience Targeting

Another reason why chatbots play large roles in a growth marketing strategy is they reveal real data surrounding MQLs (marketing qualified leads). For example, if an MQL has progressed from one buyer’s stage to another, and they engage with a chatbot on the landing page, so long as a CRM like HubSpot is integrated into the tech tools that are currently being used, marketers can trace their journey in great detail, and collect real data in relation to how buyers engage with your content, products and services.

This will give content strategists the insight needed to create blogs, landing page content, web pages, and advertisements that actually reveal your products as being ideal solutions to the problems faced by your consumers, and with such insights, you will see an improvement in rankings, CTR, user engagement, and conversions.

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