4 Reasons Why Chatbots can Increase Business Growth

Emma Gasko

With the speedy progression of voice search technology, the need for digital communication that bows down to a buyer’s needs and emotional triggers is paramount to business growth. Over the last several years we saw how SEOs optimized content to accommodate mobile voice searches. Now we see them doing the same for smart home devices by using semantic strategies that rank content for specific inquiries. Now we enter the age of chatbots—a growing solution to providing an all-around better experience that encourages more spending and higher growth for savvy businesses. If you aren’t using chatbot technology, here are four reasons why you should start now.

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Chatbots Convert Top of Funnel Emotional Buyers

If your business is in an industry that often sells to on-the-spot decision makers, then you are dealing with an emotional echelon that seems immediate gratification. The trick is making a huge impact right away before they can bounce and look elsewhere. A perfect example of this is in the hospitality industry where first impressions on a website can lead to immediate room bookings. Let’s say a couple is looking to book a romantic 3-day weekend getaway and they come to your site. They like the images on the site, but they still have questions. By having a chatbot with a clever conversation strategy build in to its platform, your web visitors can ask questions like “is the hotel quiet” or “can I get a room with a private pool”. When investing in solid chatbot technology your customers will think they are talking to an actual person and will feel like they are getting great customer service and the answers they need to make a decision.

Chatbots Brand Your Business

Chatbots can be built to use a vernacular and cadence that echoes your brand’s culture and style. If you run a travel agency that caters to thrill seekers and those who want adventurous travel, your chatbot can use language that mimics the buyers you are trying to attract. For example, your chatbot can greet guests by saying “Hey man, fire away with any questions you might have. I’m Chad and hanging out in case you need the 411”. Such informal yet friendly language will appeal to the type of person who would pay for a skydiving vacation in Columbia and therefore lead to higher conversions by making a powerful first impression on the buyer’s psyche. In other words, if people are looking for a laid-back yet customer-facing company, utilizing a chatbot can provide that resonating connection and draw the guest into a converting conversation.

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Chatbots Convert Lost Leads

Sometimes leads fall in between the cracks; they get lost in the mix by companies that don’t have a CRM capable of qualifying and segmenting multiple lead types. Most businesses that invest in inbound marketing services with the best digital marketing agencies can create workflows designed to target these misplaced leads. One way of doing this is to send out highly customized, strategic emails that lead potential customers to a landing page with a chatbot programmed to have specific conversations with buyers who require a little hand-holding and more information before making a purchase.

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