3 Tips for Finding a Perfect-Fit Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Martin Andrews
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If you work in LA and you want to partner with a local agency, then you are well aware that Los Angeles is saturated with digital marketing agencies and service providers who, more or less, claim to offer the same thing. This makes finding the best reputable digital marketing agency in Los Angeles quite the task. Not only is it time-consuming to find the true high-end agencies with an amazing staff, but with all the jokers in this space the task is even more burdensome. Here are three tips that will help you find the best marketing agency to help you grow and meet your revenue goals.

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1. Make Sure they Don’t Talk the Talk

No agency is going to tell you to hang up and call a competitor because they aren’t that good. On the contrary, bad agencies will try even harder to puff themselves up. You need to make sure the agency is really as good as they say they are. Start by examining their websites. Do they put our a high-quality, polished site? Does their content educate readers while taking SEO considerations for their own organic exposure? Do they show who the people are behind the curtain? If so, check out each staff member on LinkedIn to see their career history, education level, and what others have to say about them (especially past clients). If the website looks like it was born in 2001 and doesn’t reveal who its team members are, then you can safely assume they are a digital chop shop.

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2. Understand What Your REAL Needs Are

A digital marketing agency is only amazing if they can provide the best solution to your needs. That said, you need to know exactly what those needs are. 9 out of 10 potential clients call WEBITMD saying they need SEO, PPC or both. While this may be true, they are missing the real pain point. If they have an ongoing problem of letting leads fall through the gaps and they struggle to reach their right buyer audience, they could be ideal Inbound marketing clients, so long as the sales cycle makes sense. If this is the case, then the agency should be certified with a leading marketing automation partner that has mastered the inbound methodology.

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3. Does the Agency Talk, or Listen?

When vetting the top digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles, you will make a list that will be chopped down to a short list once you have interviewed your potential marketing company. When you speak to a representative it should be the person who will be managing your account. But the most important thing of all is this: does the agency rep talk a lot to boost themselves up, or do they ask a lot of questions about your business, current approach, and revenue goals? If the agency is asking a lot of deep level questions, then they clearly use YOUR goals as a basis for their service. Avoid agencies that promise the moon while knowing very little about what you do, and how you do it.

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