4 Ways a Digital Marketing Workshop can Help You Hit Your Growth Goals

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Are you investing in digital marketing services yet you have no idea what the strategic roadmap looks like? If you fall into this description, you are not alone. According to a report by Blue Corona, 93 percent of SMB businesses in America use some form of digital marketing to try to increase sales. However, less than 34 percent actually know what their agency is actually doing to help them achieve their goals.

Here is another startling look from a Blue Corona survey: in 2017 73.2 percent of businesses say they use social media to try to attract new customers, yet of that figure only 32 percent seriously invested in proper social media marketing services. This same report also found that the main reasons businesses search for the best digital marketing services are as follows in order of importance:

  • Increase revenue
  • Acquire new customers
  • Improve marketing and advertising tactics
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Keep up with technology relevant to growth goals

Businesses have great intentions, the these goals are great. The problem is, all to many organizations think they are using all the tools and strategies to help them achieve their goals, but this is definitely not the case. This is why enrolling in a digital marketing workshop by business growth agencies is crucial to help companies better understand their customers, their missed marketing opportunities, and how to run the right strategies in a measurable, affordable manner. Here are four ways digital marketing workshops can help organizations hit their growth goals and situate themselves for year-over-year success.

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1. Better Understand Your Buyers

One reason why businesses struggle to hit revenue goals is they make assumptions about their customers based on “common sense logic”. What happens when you do this is your organization creates general content that fails to resonate with buyer pains by providing solutions. Enrolling in a digital marketing workshop offered by a reputable growth marketing agency will teach business owners and their marketing team how to create in-depth buyer personas, segment these groups, and map out a buyer’s journey for each type with personalized content that nurtures leads into customers.

Buyer personas require a lot of work to create. These are fictionalized representations of actual buyers containing information ranging from income level, job title, job roles and responsibilities, how the person’s success at their job is measured, and even their family status. In order to get accurate buyer personas it is highly necessary for marketing to communicate with sales to gather data on the following:

  • Why do people buy?
  • Why don’t they buy?
  • At what stage does the lead drop off?
  • What are the common needs / pain points expressed by leads?
  • Where did these leads convert from?
  • What are common objections?
  • What are common resolutions / solutions?

It is also helpful to comb through customer emails and send out surveys to better understand your buyers. Digital marketing workshops will help organizations learn how to create buyer personas with custom content targeting them at the awareness stage, consideration stage and decision stage of their journey. When properly targeted and nurtured, lead conversion will jump as will sales.

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2. Digital Marketing Workshops Run Technology & Messaging Audits Seeking Growth Opportunities

In order for businesses to see year-over-year growth, strategies and technology systems must be synchronized to garner success. Savvy growth marketing agencies offering digital marketing workshops will lay out a company’s current technology stack, evaluate cost, consider how they are being utilized, and discover who the best suited people are in your organization to utilize the toolset.

Deep-dive digital marketing workshops also run content and messaging audits. This covers everything from your website’s top and secondary pages, blog, landing page, paid media ads, and email marketing content. The objective is to determine how your branded voice and online reputation is portrayed to visitors, and how it aligns with creative design to convey a message. Often, textual content and creative visual branding don’t align and send potential customers mixed messages. A digital marketing workshop will help you learn how to stay consistent and on target with all messaging goals.

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3. Business Channel Revenue Analytics

One of the most valuable parts to any comprehensive digital marketing workshop is learning how your business generates revenue at the present moment, and where missed opportunities exist both online and off. This process begins by running an audit on your Google Analytics in order to gain data on traffic sources, engagement metrics, and conversion by channel. Once this information is obtained the growth marketing agency will run an analysis on your top three competitors in which their content strategy, site history, SEO history and paid media spend is scrutinized. In this phase your workshop coach will also pull your current paid media campaigns and study their historical performance looking for any gaps or missed opportunities for optimization.

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4. Sales Process Review and Analysis

Once all the data and findings from the previous three points are known, your digital marketing workshop coach will put all the findings together and look at the data, side-by-side, with your sales process. Together you and the business growth agency will understand how MQLs (marketing qualified leads) are currently lead through your sales pipeline. Here, your sales funnel, average sales cycle and how your customers make their purchasing decisions will be studied under a microscope. In addition, you and your coach will determine who the key members are on your team that are / should be responsible for new business development.

Digital Marketing Workshops Make Smart Businesses Marketing Geniuses!

If you feel these four points of our digital marketing workshop will help you hit your growth goals, you will love our FREE in-depth guide on the WEBITMD Workshop. Download the guide below, give it a read, and determine if it is the catalyst you have been looking for. We are sure you will have lots of questions, so please feel free to call or email us! We would love to know more about your business and goals!
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