How Well Do You Know Your Buyers?

Martin Andrews

Your growth goals likely hinge on one main directive: hitting those high sales targets. In order to maintain steady business growth, you need to continue to attract new customers and maintain current buyer loyalty. This means your products and services need to resonate with buyers while topping the competition’s reach in your quest to be an industry dominator.

Understanding your buyers is key to hitting annual sales goals. When brands fail to make authentic connections with their customers they widen that egress allowing people to look for alternative solutions to their consumer needs. When companies work with the best inbound marketing agencies in New York City one of the most commonly noted service requests is a customized content marketing strategy to target their specific customers. If your marketing efforts are focused on providing internal strategies as opposed to partnering with an agency, here are some tips that can help your team better understand your consumer audience.

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Perform Social Research

Unless your industry is highly specialized or incredibly niche, you should be able to find pages and forums online where people are talking about your industry and products. Start by performing a simple Facebook and Instagram search using hashtags and group titles relevant to your business. Then you will want to analyze the climate:

  • What kind of topics are trending?
  • What questions are being asked the most?
  • What motivates someone to “like” or share a post?
  • What are people recommending?
  • What products get the most comments?
  • What features do people seem to like?
  • What do they not like?

Social media offers businesses an opportunity to look at honest in-direct feedback through analyzing communication from one buyer to another. Remember, a lot of people turn to social media to do research, so Facebook and other platforms should be a go-to place for understanding your buyers.

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Send Out Surveys

Surveys provide valuable data into understanding the buyers you want to attract. Once someone has made a purchase send out a brief survey with questions that will help you better understand why they chose to buy your product. These can include:

  • What need is this product going to fulfil?
  • How will this product fulfil your need?
  • What features do you like about this product?
  • Did you consider a competitor’s product, and if so which one?

It is equally important to send a survey to people who didn’t buy. Go through your abandon cart contacts and those leads that dropped off, and let them know that a brief survey would be appreciated so that you may improve your offerings. Ask specific questions like these:

  • Was the price a factor that played into your decision to buy elsewhere?
  • Are there any features missing from the product?
  • What change would need to be made in order for you to see value?
  • Who did you decide to buy from and why?

Surveys can provide the information you need to adjust your business model and product offering to better resonate with your buyers. If you face challenges in getting people to fill them out, try offering a raffle for a prize, or a discount on goods for their participation.

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Talk to Your Sales Team

Marketing and sales should always be dialed in. Remember, the sales team members are the ones who have conversations with potential buyers (active leads), those who decided to buy (current customers) and those who decided to buy elsewhere (missed opportunities). Ask your sales team to keep spreadsheets recording buyer pains, FAQs, and buyer persona data. Keeping marketing and sales aligned will enable brands to bucket the information pertinent to providing  outstanding buyer experiences.

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