3 Predictions For SEO in Late 2014

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1. Hummingbird Will Be Next Big Thing

google-hummingbird-algorithm1Google came up with the famous Google Hummingbird update when they turned 15 and it is something which will have a great impact on everything for sure. It was never announced and thus, people noticed it almost 3 months after it was introduced. This will continue to have its effect in 2014.

Hummingbird is not an update or search filter update, but it was a rewrite of Google’s core algorithm. The update,  will affect more than any other update and will have a much longer effect.

As the update was more of a platform change, the immediate effect wasn’t felt, that is why people didn’t notice it much initially. Like the Panda and Penguin updates, the basic rankings didn’t change. Google actually tried to understand the query better so they can serve better and more accurate result for any query.

What can this really mean? This can mean, the algorithm will process the links in a better way. It also means social signals will work better now. In fact, every possibility is not yet fully explored by the SEO people.

In 2014 we will see the real effects of Hummingbird. It is very much possible that the predictions we will make here are caused by Hummingbird, either directly or indirectly.

2. Author Rank / Publisher Rank


People predicted so much about Author Rank in 2013, but nothing really worked. It was because people thought it is very easy for anyone to do it. The reason was, because we think Google is using a signal as a ranking factor, doesn’t mean we all can exploit it easily really.

Implementing a new algorithm is hard for anyone. Google, with all its might, needs to go for extensive testing before they can really implement it at large scale. There are changes which break other ranking factors. In 2013 it was known for in-depth article update where the publisher rank was more important than the author rank, or so it seemed.

Thus, let’s not chase this factor too hard. There will be a few changes, or at least one, which will bring the focus more on AuthorRank or PublisherRank. We will also see how the in-depth article starts to be a more prominent star in the ranking algorithm.

What we shouldn’t expect is that the search results will shift too much, based on the author rank. The signal will work in certain scenarios only and will not be a universal signal. An example of such scenario might be the result of your search when you are logged in and you have shown a previous inclination to a certain authors.

3. Natural Language Search

massive production

Before Hummingbird came, the natural language search was limited to the queries which could have been handled by the knowledge graph. But, since Hummingbird the natural language queries will visibly be bringing you far more accurate results.

However, Hummingbird is still an infant and can not handle all the queries properly. Thus the queries it can handle are still limited. This is why 2014 is important as we will see Hummingbird to reach its youth in 2014 and will increase its capability and reach. Google sees the future as mobile and that is why they are bent to take this technology to the next level. This search, if it fulfills its initial promises, will change the way voice searches are done and will also tilt the balance towards voice searches.

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The Naive’s Quick Guide to PPC Management

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PPC or Pay Per Click is a type of online sponsored advertisement that is used by a broad range of businesses especially ecommerce. In PPC the advertiser only pays when any web user clicks on their ad. Hence the title ‘Pay Per Click.’

PPC is a very cost-effective  way to get a website noticed by the target audience and to let people know about their brand or services they provide online.  While there is other Internet marketing strategies which gradually helps a website achieve their natural ranking potential, PPC is the best for immediate traffic.

There are lists of tasks that need to be done on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis to monitor to effectively run your advertisements, so your spend will be low and the ads turn out effective an ROI.

Daily PPC Tasks

Every business website is different and the level of strategy required varies. But in general, one of the first things you should do is to check and analyze your ads to see the conversion rate of your website. By doing this you can easily calculate your return on investment and if there is any flaws in your ads and fix them as soon as possible.

Monitor your ads by, watching the number of visitors turned up through your ads, to the number of people bounce from your website or did not spend time on the website. This will help you to get a better conversion and sales.

Pro tip: After creating the ads you should check the functionality of the website by following the process which a customer will follow after clicking on the ad. If you face any problem in choosing a product or difficulty in the checkout process, then it will reflect the ROI in your ads.

Monthly, Quarterly & Semi-Annual PPC Tasks

These tasks within your PPC calendar will majorly depend on the individual business and its advertising needs. For an instance, changing the text of the ads, switching keywords, or making new landing pages could be a quarterly task, but depends on how your ad is preforming. A good rule of thumb is: the newer the account, the more attention it will need – and some of the tasks we’re going to go over may occur more frequently in that case.

 Important PPC Tasks

1. Negative Keyword Management

The simplest and easiest way to avoid wasting money is to manage the keywords of your ad. As everyone wants that their ad should display on the top in search results then while making the ad do make sure when you are entering the relevant keywords enter the negative keywords. The negative keywords are those keywords through which you do not want your ad to be displayed. So wisely make your ads.

2. Review Ad Positions and Manage Bids

You want to make sure you’re claiming top spots in in the page ranking, just like in organic search. Bid management is the key and you can help streamline this by following basic advertisement rules and settings in advertising platforms like AdWords.

3. Watch for Good and Bad Performers

It is very important to review your campaigns and ads. Do check your campaigns, ads and keywords for their best performance.

4. Landing Pages of the Ads

The landing page of an ad is very important. As you need to check that the page on which the customer will land after clicking the ad should be the one where you want them to land and which will help in better conversion.

5. Click-Through Rate Review

This is at the keyword level, and the rule of thumb is to flag anything below 1 percent CTR. However, it’s not uncommon to see high-volume keywords with less than 1 percent.

If the ROI and quality score for the keyword is healthy, you can often just leave it be. Otherwise, consider pausing it and weighing your options for tweaking the messaging or something else.

6. Campaign Performance Review

Starting at the campaign level and work on the keywords of the campaigns and optimize them for best performance. Also work on improving the worst keywords. With poor-performing campaigns, make a decision about what you want to do with them – pause them or work on it more.

7. Ad Text

On the first end the text of an ad should be very informative, direct and catchy. You need to review the content time to time in order to enhance the ad performance.


PPC the Shortcut to the Glory of Internet Marketing

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shortcutWe are all blessed to have access to the mighty internet. It has brought all kinds of revolution around the globe. Any questions or queries you come across, you can get an answer from the web. The internet has conquered nearly all spheres of life and likewise it has spread its roots around the world of internet marketing too. Marketing through print or electronic media, has taken a back seat now, it is internet marketing that is taking over. Certainly internet marketing has gone long ahead on the road of success while leaving traditional marketing methods far behind.

When speaking about internet marketing, it has various tools out of which PPC (pay per click), is the most popular one. PPC is quiet a successful formula that is used for internet marketing. Basically, it is used to price online advertisements. Meaning that advertisers pay each time one of their advertisements gets clicked.

Each time your ad gets clicked, you need to pay some amount to the search engine. This amount is pretty affordable one. If your PPC techniques are apt, then the fee that the concerned search engine would charge you is not all that important. This is so because, the profits that you will incur from that one click, you will much greater and pivotal than the amount that are meant to pay to the search engine.

PPC will help you to draw the users to your web page, so you never know when an ordinary visitor may turn into a potential consumer. It is a great way to draw in profits. It is probably the most common form of search engine advertising.

Let’s understand how PPC works. It is a pretty simple way of buying visits to your site, rather than making too much effort so as to earn those visits organically.

Now if you are a business owner, and are looking for ways to acquire some good profits while traffic potential users to your website, then PPC is the way to go. It’s time to keep pace with the ever-growing, technology than to lag behind your competitors.

Surely in the fast paced world, none has the time to build strategies to in order to get high rankings for their websites. Well, in this case PPC can do wonders for you. Search giant Google provides an easy to use and an excellent application that has been designed solely for Pay Per Click  service called as ‘Google AdWords’.

Google as we know is the biggest search engine and a brand name in the web world while Google AdWords is its boon to the mankind.

Speaking of Google AdWords, it is the sole master in terms of PPC advertising. It gives the opportunity to various businesses so as to create their own ads that would appear as a search result on the search engine of Google and other properties that the powerful Google own.

AdWords work on the formula of PPC, wherein advertisers are required to bid on keywords. Furthermore the advertisers need to pay Google for every click on their advertisements. So, it will make your advertisement rank at number one, and ultimately getting more clicks for you.

Bidding is one criteria of selecting your advertisements by AdWords. Keywords is another determining factor in the placement of your ad. It analyzes the relevance of the keywords in your ad.  Your purpose will not be solved if you have vague keywords, just everything your ad talks about should make sense and should also stand tall on the criteria’s set by AdWords.

We humans have a tendency to click on the first link that appears as the result of our search, and given that with the help of PPC your website has been ranked high enough, you will get the desired outcomes and this is why PPC is such a successful method.

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Four Different Ways To Get Traffic And Ranking in SEO

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Website-Traffic-IncreaseAre you tired of how SEO gurus keep asking you to optimize your meta tags without being very specific? Meta tags are important but they are not as important as the advanced SEO methods will provide. The other methods are far more superior in getting the traffic and the ranking.

If you are thinking of getting really good rank, you should start thinking out of the box and do something different than what the world is doing. You should employ tactics which are not being used widely and that can really make a difference. Here are 4 such tips to get you going in the right direction.

Tactic #1: Sloppy competitor link building

One of the easiest ways to build backlinks is to use a tool like Ahref and see from where your competitors are getting their backlinks from and then try to get backlinks from those sites too. This is a wrong step to start with because your competitors are already doing much better than you can do in SEO.

We always target those sites which are ranking high. Why not go to the 5th page, those sites also have comparatively good ranking and get their backlink report. These links are easier to make and these sites are also beating thousands of other sites to get ranked and so these sites are doing seriously good work. These links are often natural and these sites are generally old sites which are not updated regularly.

When you mail them and ask them to link to your fresh content, they will not say no, most likely. If the site has a pagerank less than 4, the link getting process becomes easier as these less powerful sites are generally owned by individuals rather than companies. While the companies, the webmasters need to follow a procedure while the sites owned by individuals are rather swift to respond.

Tactic #2: Gifographics

Infographics didn’t lose their charm, no, get that out of your head. They still work magnificently but they used to be even better. Even two years ago, you can create an infographics and share it and get lots and lots of social sharing and mention. But things changed slightly.

First and foremost, make sure the data is correct which are to go on that infographics. The graphics, secondly, should be world-class. One good infographics can easily get 100 Facebook likes, half a thousand tweets and over thousands and thousands of visits, the only condition being that the info and the graphics are both great. Only then an info-graphics will serve its purpose.

If you think that is stupendous result, hold your horses for a minute. You can easily get over half million qualified traffic from social sharing sites like Quick Sprout so this is not really a difficult task nor an achievement you should be proud of.

When you turn your attention to InfoGif, which is a combination of gif and info, that works even better in getting traffic. Even a simple InfoGif, with much less substance, can get hundreds of thousands of qualified traffic to your site. Even if the readers are not loyal to the site, they might still come because this is a fresh idea, as of now. Animated infographics is what you should use till the thing is fresh and new.

Tactic #3: Meta tag optimization via AdWords

There are basically two factors which decide the amount of organic traffic you will get from search engines. The first is how high you rank and the second is what is your click-through rate. Higher ranking and higher clickthrough rate will provide you better traffic. You must be knowing the trick to improve the clickthrough rate of your site but changing the meta tags and meta descriptions, I am sure of it.

That is pretty correct an idea, according to me but the testing itself is a pain in the neck. What wouldn’t you give to know the best meta tags which can work wonders for your site?

There is indeed a quick and pretty way to fix the most appealing and successful meta tag for your site. That will increase your clickthrough rate without much testing. Google AdWords tends to place the ads on the top which, apart from paying them the most, has the highest click-through rate. Those ads which are clicked on regularly are placed on the top of the sponsored ads section. Look at those ads and check what meta descriptions they are using. Use the same or similar meta description on your site and see the clicthrough rate to improve drastically. Isn’t it easy and simple? There you go.

Tactic #4: In-depth articles

Google has released an algorithm update which has improved the search results significantly as the search results now shows sites with better content. Now this better content means in-depth articles (or blogs or whatever else you prefer to call them). Using this to our advantage, we can easily increase the traffic to our site by a considerable amount (almost 20%) within a month. But what exactly do you need to do to exploit this feature.

  • Write long articles which can really provide adequate information on the subject you are covering. The minimum length should be 2000 words.
  • Write on topics related to your industry and try to write on fresh topics.
  • You should ideally follow the ruleset of schema.org or use a WordPress plugin (if you have a wordpress site or blog) to adhere to that.

Once you do these 4 steps, do not expect a miracle. Give it a month and then you should start seeing a good increase of organic traffic from Google. If you don’t get the ranking or the traffic we are talking about then your content is lacking something. Few experts have noticed that articles with a length of 1200-1500 words doesn’t do the trick while articles with around 2000 words really do the trick and there is a good spike in the traffic.

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Effective Planning is foremost for Content Marketing

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king_of_contentSignificance of appropriate content is such that it affects your online visibility to some extent. Sharable and engaging content is a prerequisite of effective content marketing. However it has become more challenging to serve catchy and effective content with prevalence of media over a mobile phone, a news source in itself.You may get worried about how to produce consumer engaging content where more brands and businesses are relying on the content marketing tool.

No worries at all. A well structured plan can drive your online visibility in a fair manner. Let’s see how we can plan effectively for content marketing in this New year.


Make your content plan your guide

Publication schedule is guided by content plan which is similar to editorial calendar. For instance news outlets produce news on a daily basis across multiple industry topics that are of relevance. The kind of content that they make follows set of specific guidelines that are in line with a value proposition and interest of their readers.

Coverage area should be defined

Before producing your content plan you should keep an eye on the topics you want to focus on this could be a unique selling proposition of your product or services. From there choose subgroups or data information that you  can talk about online to produce original content.

Keep your audience in mind

The only key that helps you in building sharable and engaging content is the clarity you have of your online audience’s behavior.

Don’t forget media to include in your audience

Think wisely before content planning about who should count under secondary audience.

Must have knowledge about your primary audiences favorite online news sources

What reporters you follow on social media websites?

Make an SEO strategy

To support your content marketing investments, you should have a strong SEO strategy ready with you when you are planning your content. Content should be developed by keeping both the audience and search engine in mind.

Content optimization can be possible by including Articles, info graphics, images, podcasts or audio files, white papers , blog posts, web copy ,landing pages

Make a solid social media strategy

Core of social media marketing gets supported by content planning. To access the area in which your future content should focus, what is needed is run some analytical reports on current consumption and content sharing that is how content planning should be done in relation to social media marketing program.

Chose best possible social media marketing tool for your business if you are investing in great amount in content marketing. Volume of content managed by you affects the kind of tool to be used. Ensure that the person who is responsible for producing content is involved in content planning and he must possess high qualifications.

Engage your company leader who leads the way

As part of marketing content, personality values of company leader and his contribution to his industry must be taken advantage of. He can act as an important branding tool that can help in building Content and PR plans.

Make sure that your company leader is involved in guest blog posts, Google hang outs, interviews and the like. This should be done before planning your company’s visibility.

Hope this helps you to plan effectively for Content marketing of your business. It is beneficial to a great extent for those who do it in the right manner.


Must Know SEO Practices to Keep Your Rankings after a Site Redesign!

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Redesigning your website doesn’t have to mean a drop-off in traffic, but that’s not to say keeping your rankings is an easy task to pull off, either. Maintaining existing traffic through a website overhaul, while avoiding embarrassing links to nonexistent pages, is one of the toughest SEO challenges a company faces. Which is why it important to keep in mind the fundamentals of website redesign SEO.

Having just launched our new website, we at WebitMD took a number of steps to keep our rankings and minimize the risk of losing traffic. And our strategy worked well! We kept our existing traffic throughout the entire process and are now gaining even more visitors due to stellar reinvented branding. So how can you keep your rankings during a site redesign?

Below are some key SEO tips to keep in mind when redesigning and launching a new branded web site.

The Process:

Keep your site up:

Being down for few minutes is okay, but if your visitors continually get messages saying the site’s under construction, that spells trouble and you may jeopardize valuable visitor loyalty.

Reconsider keyword strategies:

Could your site gain traffic from new long tail keywords? If so, create new categories based on this analysis. Website redesign SEO is an important part of the website overhaul process.

Optimize content:

Don’t let meta descriptions and other key elements get dropped. Redesign is the time for improvements, not for letting important details slip.

Maintain your URL structure:

The worst site launch mistake we’ve observed, and one of the greatest SEO challenges, is altering the URL structure without setting up 301 redirects.

In certain cases, of course, you may need to change the structure if:

  • Your new CMS requires it.
  • You’re reconfiguring your search or sales strategies. Examples: you’re acquiring a new business, adding a new product line, or rebranding.
  • Your URL structure is just bad. This is one of the most common reasons for a URL structural change.

Create a 301 URL redirect mapping strategy:

Be ready to redirect all pages that must be mapped to new locations. Generally, this means a 301 permanent redirect for every rewritten URL.

Follow these tips:

  • Don’t use temporary 302s.
  • Change page content or redirect if necessary, but don’t delete pages. 
  • Rare 404 cases: If a high number of toxic links target a specific page (other than a critical landing page), leave the 404 error instead of redirecting it.

Customize 404 error pages:

A compelling 404 page design is a great marketing tool. Face it: you will have a few 404s no matter how great a job you’ve done

Keep your sitemap up-to-date:

This will help the search engine discover your site’s new pages.

Put tracking codes in place:

The page source and conversion landing pages must contain analytics tracking codes. Forget them, and you can forget about analyzing the new site’s performance. This way you can assure whether or not you actually keep your rankings.

The Launch

Remove indexing restrictions (robots.txt) on the dev site:

Your new site needs to be crawled, so specify your sitemap location in your robots.txt.

Submit the new sitemap to Google in Google Webmaster Tools:

Go to Crawl > Sitemaps, and then add the new sitemap to allow indexing to start.

Monitor Traffic

Google Webmaster:

Use Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics to watch for any unusual traffic drops, keyword ranking losses, or sudden 404 spikes.

Monitor your Google index status:

Make sure Google is indexing your entire site.

Watch for crawl errors:

Make a list of 404s and fix them.

Watch traffic:

Regain post-redesign traffic drop-offs quickly by catching problems early and properly managing your website redesign SEO.


Every website experiences fluctuations after redesign. Proper planning and follow-up ensure that you keep 95% + of your site’s existing traffic as your improved design gains new visitors, too.

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The Rise And Fall Of Guest Blogging for SEO

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guest-blogging-is-deadInevitable isn’t it….Guest blogging became a great idea in SEO for awhile and was being used (or abused) greatly by the SEO industry. As expected, the quality of the guest blogging has gone down and poor quality guest blogging has become much more prevalent. Google noticed it and it was about time that they do something about it.

Matt Cutts wrote in his personal blog that we shouldn’t use guest blogging as a way to get links. The other side of the coin is true as well meaning if you are accepting guest blog posts, make sure that you personally check the quality of the article and aren’t just accepting whatever comes your way as “free” content. This is applicable for every blog post that you submit or accept.

If you are still doing guest blogging as a method to gain links, you need to stop doing that in 2014! The reason is simple – with time it will just become another spamming technique. There might even come a day when you will have to go for a link removal process to remove these links you are creating via guest blogging. It is only a matter of time before this becomes a completely spammy technique in the eyes of Google and to be 100% completely honest, that time is dawning upon us. Don’t take the shortcut! If shortcuts worked… they’d be the way!!

Guest blogs used to be a very important and prestigious weapon, especially when high authority sites would ask you to write for them. It was as honorable as being a guest columnist of a leading daily. It is of course very prestigious for anyone to know that any high profile site or portal thought their content to be of the excellent quality. It will also make you feel important as the site is willing to republish something which you have written. It certifies that you know what you are talking about and the site is accepting that you are an expert there. In those glorious days of guest blogging, even the sites used to feel proud when a real expert decided to write for them.

It is for this reason, many websites and portals used this technique but the aim wasn’t to give or take links. The main advantage of this strategy was to get high quality write up at free of cost which is always welcome or to get published at a great place which is always a nice feeling for any author. The websites can easily cater to their readers without producing the high quality content constantly and also can introduce authors which they thought their readers will like.

When you look at guest blogging, it wasn’t initially considered to be a SEO technique, but then the SEO industry realized the excellent potential it has for earning links. At first, they approached it slowly, writing really good content and getting links from good quality sites but then the spamming started, especially when Google came down against article posting. Fake guest bloggers came into limelight with mass produced guest blogs which are poor in quality. Guest blogging deviated from the original purpose which was very popular with site owners, authors or the readers.

The quality of the guest blogs have come down really in the last year or so. Guest blogging has become a new source of low quality content online and the only difference is, these contents are now known as guest blogs instead of articles. For the site owners, when you accept crappy quality guest blogs, you are really risking the reputation of the site and there is a good chance that you might turn the visitor off, permanently.

In fact, the ‘authors’ are offering money to the site owners to publish their content, the game has stooped so low recently. You might get tempted, as a site owner, to take that easy money but beware of the Google wrath. Think of the future, when Google discovers that your site is full of crappy content, it might ruin your ranking immediately and permanently. Google can also sniff paid links rather well, so don’t chop your own roots like that.

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How To Enhance Your PLA Campaigns in 2014?

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google-product-listing-adsGoogle’s Product Listing Ads (PLA) is quickly becoming one of the best and preferred ways for the online retailers to promote their products and increase the visibility with “screen real estate” on search engine result pages. Global retailers doubled their spending on PLA this holiday season and that is some increase for a business which is yet to be fiercely competed in. The investment was greatly beneficial as the retailers earned 9 times more than they spent on these advertisings. Wouldn’t you want those same results?

This year, Google PLA ads completed their first successful year, but the major point is, only now these ads are gaining momentum. As the PLAs gain popularity, the peak this year crossed the peak of last year rather satisfactorily.

It can be easily expected that as this technology matures there will come new solutions and marketing plans where these ads will be seamlessly integrated into the digital marketing plan. For consumers, this is a great news as well. The maturity will mean that the online shopping is going to be much better experience. You can see the product which will help you in getting a tailored experience. The online shoppers are really excited about this new feature. The 360 degree view is also something to look forward to.

As a marketer, we should embrace this technology as soon as we can. Google Product Listing Ad is here to stay. As 2014 wears off, more and more marketeers will enter this scene and exploit the new advantages offered by Google PLA.

Also, Google’s Shopping Campaign is here, product features and attributes are being integrated into Adwords rather seamlessly. This means increased control and better visibility for the retailers. You can now, as a merchant, add the complete inventory to Adwords and not need to add through the feed.

Once you start to get and analyze performance information for each product singularly, you can easily identify the outline for each product performance separately. This feature is going to become a very handy feature and will be known as product groups soon. With these information, you can easily enhance how your products are doing. When you can find out which products are doing great in any product type, you can easily remove the non-performing ones and add more specific products to manage the bids more economically.

When retailers are able to update the product target, they can also handle the negative keywords more effectively. Adding negative words are important so your products are not displayed for a very wide range of searches. In this case, they will show up unnecessarily and the campaign will not remain economical either. People who are not looking for that product might click on it and realize it was a mistake. You don’t get the sale but you have to pay Google nonetheless.

Local marketer can now participate in PLA action and take advantage of the locally focused feature. Google announced two new features for PLA for targeting the local market better, local availability and local storefront.  With these two features, you can really make sure that your PLA is closely associated with your physical store and also can display your offline stock.

The local information which are displayed in these ads are directly taken from the product feed which you have attached to Adwords. This is why adding the product information perfectly in Adword is essential as every information will be pulled from here. Address, business hours, driving directions etc are great if you are targeting locally. If these information are properly placed, the online business listing will be consistent and also provide your probable customer with up-to-date information if you update the information regularly as well.

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SEO a Strong player of Internet Marketing

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strong-womanSearch Engine Optimization (SEO), is a relatively new term in the world of internet marketing. Despite the fact that it is fairly new, it has gained tremendous popularity in the last 1-2 years. It is surprising to see how quickly it has formed as an integral part in the marketing world.

Let me give you a clear insight about what SEO really means. In todays world, we often surf the web for everything we need to buy to unanswered questions, which means the internet has the capacity to give us every answer or solution. If you are looking for products or services, it is the internet that you look to for help. In this process you type in what you are looking for and find hundreds of websites coming up with answers of the search result. This is were you will notice that some websites appear at the top and then others fall behind. The brilliant technique of SEO that boosts rankings of websites. Higher the ranking of the website higher will be the company’s profits.

SEO plays a major role in e-commerce. If any e-commerce websites lacks SEO techniques then, acquiring high rankings in search results is nearly impossible, and hence resulting in lesser profits.

Given that the web is entirely made up of content, so 80% of the search engines work by examining the written content of your website in order to decide that which web pages are the most relevant to any search. Therefore, SEO techniques also work majorly on the content part of any given website.

The idea of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. is to provide answers to the questions quoted by people. These search engines are basically designed to help the users while answering their questions. We have a strong will or tendency to click on the first link that happens to come up as the result of the search, perhaps because we consider it as the right answer. So, naturally the first search result gets the highest clicks and this happens only because of the efficiency of SEO. Advertisements are automatically ranked first on search engines which is why people are paying to be ranked number one.

The SEO strategies have been designed in a format that they concentrate on allocating exact keywords in  definite places on a website. Content as mentioned before, plays a significant role in how your SEO methods will turn out. Irrelevant content will lead your website nowhere. A user looks up to the web to gain some useful and worthy information and if any, given website contains vague content, then it will surely fail in this purpose. Catchy yet informative content can literally turn an ordinary visitor to a web page into a potential consumer.

Another point to note is that, copied content can lead to serious issues. Most search engines usually penalize site with copied content by placing those links on back pages. So do not take the risk of simply copying and pasting any written material from other websites it will do no good to your own. On the other hand SEO is really amicable with original and good piece of writing. So, make sure that whatever content your web portal consists of is worthy enough, to rank well in terms of originality.

SEO can prove to be magical in the ranking of your website. It has the potential to bring unbelievable profits to your business all you need to do is look out for a company that provides smart and efficient SEO services.  So, without any doubt we can say that SEO will be the shining star in the world of internet marketing and will make your business rise to amazing heights.

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The SEO Services Buyers Guide. How Much to Pay and To Who!

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SEO-Costs-and-Pricing-Guide-300x336Online marketing  is crucial for endurance in a world that is driven completely by the web. Businesses  must create room for Search Engine Optimization marketing which is one of the vital expenditure in todays world. The question arises how much to spend on SEO? Gathering knowledge for that matter is needed to make spending decisions and also you must understand the role of SEO agencies in making you successful as you are going to build a fundamental partnership with online marketing firms.

Some of the payment models of SEO agencies

Services and payment modes that are offered by SEO agencies are divided into four significant forms, lets see what they are:

  • Monthly Retainer: According to this model, a set fee is paid by clients in each month in return for an agreed-upon range of services. No doubt this payment model is considered one of the most common mode that fetches greatest Return on investment. Array of services offered under this mode includes timely analytical reports, press releases, on site improvement in content. Optimization, keyword search and link building. 
  • Contract Services at Fixed Prices: Almost all SEO agencies offer services on contract basis. Contract services are selected by clients beforehand, that they want to see completed. After that client gets ready to engage a monthly retainer. List of services offered by SEO agency over over and again are advertised on their websites along with a list of prices. An example would be an audit of SEO website that allows to determine persisting strengths and weaknesses in the client’s competitive analysis, online presence in addition to keywords that have  the capability to fetch highest returns on investment.
  • Project-based Pricing: Only one exception is there that makes Project fees different from contract services is that they are customized projects created exclusively for a client. Change in prices is there according to the project taken. For example, a local bakery shop may take services of an SEO agency to help them popularize via online marketing. With the request of a client to establish their social media accounts, SEO agency comes into force. Finally the bakery shop owner and SEO agency decides on the scope and costs involved in the project.
  • Hourly Consulting: In this well-known consulting model is based on  an hourly fee in return for information or kinds of services offered..

Most of the  SEO agencies are dependent upon  all these payment models. Similarly, clients may use more than one model working with an agency. For instance, a client may choose to enter into three payment modes at the same time like if he enter into a monthly retainer,  gets engaged in a customized project and purchase a contract service. By this way he’s taking advantage of three payment models at a time.

Buyer beware….when you hear these points mentioned from an SEO agency.

Any argument of SEO agencies and related pricing is incomplete without giving a few warning bells. To assist you safeguard against unsystematic SEO agencies that are following unethical business practices.. Remain  doubtful and check the following promises:

  • Guarantees. Make sure that the SEO firm that you are choosing provides you with guaranty as they  generally do not give guarantees taking in view of  constantly changing nature of this industry.
  • Quick results. Some SEO agencies can get you quick instant results by implementing strategies that best suits you. Remain cautioned that they may harm you in the long run. As Quick results are not always good. It might be possible that SEO practices that are not in favor of the webmaster guidelines followed by search engines.  Without a doubt Google finds out these tactics and penalizes them, leading to lost in the rankings which may take months to recover.
  • Sheltered link building services. Link building is a vital part of SEO service. You can’t imagine a top-ranked website without having inbound links. But there’s a flip side of building links. Ensure that services of link building are authentic,ethical,genuine and white labeled before you get into the contract with an SEO agency. You can also ask them from where to get links for the purpose of business in the industry you are in. 

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