Crude Energy

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Client Background

Crude Energy is a large independent (non-integrated) oil and natural gas company in the U.S. with proved reserves throughout most major basins in North America.

Crude Energy’s primary goal is to increase the value of acquired properties through a combination of exploitation, drilling, and proven engineering extraction practices, with its most significant emphasis on CO2 tertiary recovery operations.



Revamp the existing PPC Campaign while developing an organic SEO strategy to drive more traffic and leads interested in crude Energy’s investment opportunities.


WEBITMD has been working diligently with Crude Energy to develop a multi-step strategy that includes the following ongoing efforts:

  • Paid Search Management (Google AdWords, Bing & Yahoo)
  • Form and Call Tracking Integrations
  • Comprehensive SEO Campaign
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing


The results of our PPC and SEO teams have been outstanding. We have improved in nearly all areas as shown in the numbers below:

365% Increase in Number of Conversion Leads

71% Increase in Conversion Rate (.26% vs. .45%)

172% Increase in Traffic

66% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion (853 vs. 286)

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