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Here it is, the final episode of our video podcast miniseries! In this culminating episode, I am joined by our CEO, Mattan Danino, to discuss Sales Enablement. Specifically, how enabling your sales team and processes can help your business sell better, sell smarter, be more efficient, and overall, be more effective at hitting those goals and objectives.

WEBITMD Video Podcast Episode Four

Episode Takeaways

  • What is Sales Enablement?
  • What Questions Business Owners Can Ask to Get Started
  • How Tools and Tech Can Help Automate and Elevate Sales
  • What it Looks Like When WEBITMD Works with Clients
  • How the Conversation Needs to Shift Around Sales
  • Low-Lift Tips for Getting Started

Highlighted Quotes

  • Mattan: “Sales Enablement is really about aligning three key parts of the business; marketing, sales itself, and customer support or service. The purpose of all of that is to improve the sales experience for prospects and also the effectiveness of the sales team.”
  • Mattan: “Sales is the one thing a business owner or VP of Sales, it’s the one thing they don’t want someone to come in and mess with; whether it is an outside consultant or an internal person that gets hired. It’s something they hold close to their heart. And when you tell someone that their sales operations need help they are not really thrilled to hear that.”
  • Mattan: “When you think about sales or revenue generation and growth, a CRO is charged with driving growth generates revenue with an organization. That person is looking to connect the different functions of a business. An SMB generally doesn’t have that person — they are too small to have that role.”
  • Mattan: “Most business owners start to ask themselves questions around how to continue to grow their business… these are things business owners think of no doubt, but I don’t think the way that they think of how to do it however is to implement programs that drive the conversation through marketing, through sales, and through service.”
  • Mattan: “Maybe [the Sales team] is getting unqualified leads from marketing, maybe the sales team is doing a fantastic job, but then the customer service team isn’t doing a great job and they are losing as many clients as they are selling. All of these are factors that need to be looked at. I think small businesses know that these are the questions that need to be looked at, but don’t know that they should be addressing it cross-functionally.”
  • Mattan: “When you think about technology for sales, technology drives efficiency, and efficiency drives revenue. Revenue is what we are all trying to create here. So when we tie things back to Sales Enablement across marketing tools, then sales tools, and even service tools, having these tools allows various functions of the business to know what is going on with the other one.”
  • Mattan: “The changing of the conversation [around Sales] from a fractured or siloed approach has to be about revenue. Revenue generation is the key for any business and its growth.”

You can connect with Mattan in the links below:

  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/mattandanino/
  • Email: hello@webitmd.com

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Welcome to WEBITMD’s video podcast mini-series “Bringing Clarity to Life and Business Decisions.” Together, we’ll dive into conventional and unconventional ways for business owners and entrepreneurs to get clear on their WHY and learn how to align their goals both personally and professionally for true success.

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