Karoline KujawaGrowth Stack Strategist


Karoline is a digital marketing strategist with a technical IT background allowing her to strategically setup, implement, and manage marketing campaigns.

Karoline started her career as a web developer and then quickly transitioned into digital marketing because she really enjoys communicating and strategizing with clients to help them achieve their goals with the help of the advanced technologies we now have.

She’s here to help with all your digital marketing and technology needs; anything from software setup, tech support, sales & marketing training, strategy & implementation, and more. Especially in Hubspot. She was introduced to the world of Hubspot and Inbound Marketing in 2015 and has continued to use their marketing and sales tools every day since.

When she’s not living and breathing Hubspot and digital marketing, Karoline enjoys spending time with her friends and family, traveling, exploring Colorado, and hanging out with her pup.