Jen SaundersDirector of SEO & Content


Jen Saunders is our Director of SEO & Content. Her passion for organic strategy, marketing psychology, and content has helped ensure profitable growth for WEBITMD and its clients.

Since joining WEBITMD in 2016, Jen has used her background as a researcher to mine data, understand buyer behavior, and craft custom strategies that helped WEBITMD build profitable relationships with businesses that span multiple industries.

Jen’s primary role at WEBITMD is to create the strategic direction necessary to drive organic traffic to every stage of the funnel while supporting all strategies within our multi-channel approach. Jen also engages in organic traffic and search behavior forecasting, and creates channel-specific content strategies to help our clients achieve their growth goals. With more than 15 years of SEO and marketing experience, Jen’s expertise has evolved along with the advancement of technology to offer clients a set of skills that remain cutting-edge and relevant in strategies that involve tech automation. Jen prides herself on customizing every strategy for each client built upon the foundation of understanding their buyer’s engagement behavior and brand needs.

As an SEO and content expert, Jen has been published by Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week, The Huffington Post, and other publications. She has also spoken at Moz Con, and lead out in strategy sessions at Search Marketing Expo.

Jen spent more than a decade living and working in various parts of Europe while earning an interdisciplinary Master’s degree from the University of Reading Whiteknights (UK) in art history and English literature. She also took a number of graduate-level marketing courses before completing a PhD in English literature from the University of London.

When Jen isn’t working she loves being underwater. Jen is a certified PADI Master Diver and has a niche passion for sharks that has led her to the Guadalupe Islands off Mexico to dive with and film great white sharks. As an avid sports fan she spends a lot of time going to Dodgers and Red Sox games, Kings hockey matches, and jumps at the opportunity to see the Green Bay Packers. She is also a die-hard Chelsea supporter for the EPL. Jen has a deep appreciation for craft beer, travel, reading, and French and German opera. She also enjoys a good cask ale while hanging out with her cats Chairman Thaddeus Whiskers and Lord Joffrey Gaius Pitty-Paws. This upcoming year Jen looks forward to starting bagpipe lessons, and hopes to finish writing her first book.