Griffin LaFleurGrowth Stack Strategist


Griffin is a digital marketing and technology professional with a passion for helping clients recognize their goals and grow their businesses.

He brings to the team over a decade of digital marketing and sales expertise, combining strategy, technology, operations, and processes to deliver positive customer experiences for our partners’ buyers. Starting his career developing strategies for enterprise website builds, evolved into a focus on inbound marketing and sales strategies that engage a customer through their entire journey with a brand. Leading and collaborating with teams both internal and external, Griffin is always looking to innovate and bring to the table unique experiences across industries.

As a lifelong learner, Griffin also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He teaches a Digital Marketing class for small business owners and marketing professionals, and is a contributing writer for a marketing and technology blog.

Outside of building strong relationships with those that he works alongside, Griffin is passionate about the outdoors and participates in a multitude of hobbies, always seeking out new knowledge and learning opportunities.