Dani BestDirector of Marketing


As our Director of Marketing, Dani is focused on spearheading our internal marketing strategy and initiatives. With over a decade of experience in content marketing and agency leadership, Dani excels at working with clients and in-house teams on clarifying brand identity and packaging it to fit the unique position of the buyer’s journey.

As an enneagram five, Dani has an obsession with information gathering. This passion and dedication to continued education has taken her career from her classically trained copywriting and PR roots, to in-house and agency digital marketing, and even building a few family businesses in between. She loves the power of a good story, which makes finding ways to connect offerings from any industry vertical with the human experience another passion to add to her list.

When Dani is not crafting workflows or managing campaign timelines, you can find her doing what any true five does best; writing, reading, or rattling off random (read: useless) cast trivia while her husband, son and daughter are just trying to enjoy a quiet Friday movie night.