Growth Workshop

Our workshop is our secret sauce. The Growth Stack Workshop is a 6-week deep discovery and strategy roadmapping tailored for your business. It helps us answer the important questions before you invest the time and capital to execute a marketing plan.

Put simply, we do this because it de-risks your investment. Our workshop takes you from a conversation to an actionable strategy plan in just 6 weeks.

Why The Workshop?

Before we dive into a comprehensive Growth Stack engagement we have found it extremely valuable for both sides to be aligned. Our Growth Workshop helps us determine a marketing & technology plan before diving any deeper – and it prepares you to execute that plan as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Week 1

Business Discovery

In this initial phase we want to learn about you, your business and your industry. We will begin a deep dive to understand your businesses offerings, differentiators, target clients/customers, their buying habits and ways customer/clients find businesses like yours. We will also learn more about your current marketing initiatives, challenges & pain points, and business growth goals. The information we gather will lead to a customized growth plan presented as a deliverable of the workshop.

Week 2

Buyer & Company Persona Development

Buyer personas are the building block for any business. The research and creation of buyer & company personas allow us to help you tailor your marketing & sales approach and develop a clear understanding of how to target your product or services to your ideal customer. We carry out a Q&A session and construct a buyer and company persona as an ideal marketing & sales target.

Week 3

Technology, Creative, & Messaging Audit

Strategies and systems must work together in order to be successful! During week 3 we will uncover your current technology stack, their costs, and how they are being utilized. We will understand which parts of the toolset are being utilized and by who within your organization. We will also audit your current brand and website to uncover how your messaging, website creative, and overall brand is portrayed to visitors that may find you.

Week 4

Business Channel Revenue, Analytics, Paid Media, & Competitor Audits

Let’s get down to business! During week 4 we will review how the business generates revenue today and from which channels both online and offline. We will audit your current Google Analytics to determine the traffic sources, site engagement, and conversions by channel. We will also gather a short list (2-3) competitors and carry out a competitors analytics pulling their site history, SEO history and paid media channel spend (if any). Finally we will audit your current Paid Media campaigns (if any) for historical performance.

Week 5

Sales Process & Potential Alignment

During week 5 we begin to gather all our marketing findings but also review your sales process and how MQL (marketing qualified leads) are currently engaged with and brought down a sales pipeline. We will review your sales funnel, typical sales cycle, decision making processes, and asses key members on your team that are responsible for new business development. We will also review and discuss a potential relationship and the alignment of all parties.

Week 6

Deliverables & 90 Day Plan Presented

This is where is all comes together! The WEBITMD team will present on a call (or in person if agreed upon) our findings and results of the Growth Workshop. The intention behind executing the workshop is to determine the proper (if at all) fit for a marketing & sales growth plan to come. Our workshops are tailored to set a stage for success. The key takeaway is a 90 day plan constructed to achieve your goals for growth.

We saved the best for last…

We are so confident in our Growth Workshops value that we offer a 50% credit ($2,500 value) of the workshop towards a future engagement with WEBITMD.

Workshop Alumni

Organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 1000 enterprises have gone through our Growth Workshop all with similar takeaways – a comprehensive digital marketing & sales blueprint for growth.


Aman Resorts International is a luxury hotel & residences group with 33 destinations in 21 countries and their latest project set to open doors in 2020 in Costa Rica. The ownership group for the Aman Costa Rica turned to WEBITMD for a Growth Workshop to audit and formulate their go-to-market strategy debuting their future hotel & residences to the world. The takeaways were an executable plan deemed highly valuable by the leadership team.


Legion Food Trucks is a premier engineering, fabricating and technology company that produces some of the most innovative food trucks on the road. They have worked with brands such as Google, In-N-Out Burger, Jack In The Box, and others. They engaged with the WEBITMD to carry out a Growth Workshop geared to fundamentally change how they market and carry out sales processes. The results have been staggering!

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