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Providing SEO to businesses in Boston Massachusetts for more than a decade, WEBITMD is a full Growth Marketing boutique agency dedicated to helping Beantown organizations hit their revenue goals, expand their operations, shorten their sales cycle, and reach larger audiences through advanced organic search strategies and accompanying initiatives.

Boston is a hyper-competitive location for all markets, and this means partnering with an SEO company that brings multiple benefits to the table uncommon to the world of digital marketing will give agile businesses a leg up. Whether you are the CEO for a large company headquartered in Downtown Boston, a CMO in Boston’s North End, or you head up a leadership team for a luxury hotel in the Seaport District, partnering with a growth-driven Boston SEO agency should be a major part of your marketing investment to help reach short and long-term goals.


Boston SEO Services, Customized for YOUR Customers

Boston has a number of SEO agencies to choose from, and most offer the same cookie-cutter solutions. Why should you invest in the same marketing strategy your competitor pays for? WEBITMD has raised the bar when it comes to providing  growth driven Boston SEO services   to unique companies that pride themselves on their individuality.

Any SEO strategy your company invests in should stem from an understanding of how YOUR CUSTOMERS engage and consume content in their purchase-making decisions. This means that all strands of an organic search strategy are buyer-focused and have a goal to reach target audiences with content that assists them in educating their spending decision factors through the buyer’s journey.

These SEO strategies include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Organic Ranking
  • Link Building
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Structured Data (Schema Markup)
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Web Page and Site Architecture Optimization

In many cases, Boston area companies have goals and needs that call for additional strategies such as paid media or inbound marketing to work alongside an in-depth SEO strategy (we will address this later). Before even entertaining the thought of having a second conversation with Boston SEO agencies, make sure the core of their strategy is focused on your customers, and not on ranking for broad keywords with zero audience-targeting.

This brings us to buyer personas. If an SEO agency only has a general of who your customers are, you are bound to get standard or below average results. In some cases companies themselves don’t even know their customers as much as they think they do. This is why the best SEO strategists create buyer personas–semi-fictional representations of actual customers that help marketers enhance audience targeting tactics.

The components of a buyer persona will rely heavily on the industry and products at hand. Generally, these will contain one’s gender, education level, job title and role, how success is measured in their job, where they consume educational information related to their profession, income level, family status, and other factors. This information can be extracted from interviewing an organization’s sales team, combing through emails and through surveys.

When common pain points and other revealing factors that play into a purchasing decision are revealed, content can be tailored surrounding these topics that speaks to segments of a buyer audience, and ranks for high-conversion search queries.

SEO and Blogging

Blogging is a crucial component to any SEO-driven content marketing strategy designed to attract organic traffic that converts to satisfied customers. Unfortunately, most Boston SEO agencies create blogs around industry related content and use these carelessly written blogs as a ranking catalyst.

Growth-driven SEO strategies focused on buyers use topic clusters to attract the right customers. They also utilize pillar pages to increase a site’s domain authority and ranking. Here’s how it works:

A cluster of blogs surrounding various unique topics are created, and each has a specific context relevant to buyer needs. These blogs internally link to one another using context and buyer-focused keywords in the anchor text. Additionally, each blog links to the pillar page, which is either the home page, or the primary product page.


This strategy converts well because it ranks content for target buyers looking for specific solutions, as opposed to ranking blindly for big broad keywords. The internal link strategy helps with rankings because it circulates rank juice through the entire blog and website in the same way oxygenated blood is circulated through the body. Pillar pages are fed with enriched “SEO juice”, just as the human heart receives blood and pumps it back out.

Not only does Google favor this model because it creates structured content with easy distribution, buyers love it because it is easy for them to find desired content. When vetting Boston SEO agencies, make sure they utilize this blog model. Otherwise your investment will likely fall flat.

The New Approach to Revenue-Generating SEO Strategies

Stop ranking for keywords that drives traffic but with NO conversions. Discover our approach to a growth-driven SEO that actually targets YOUR buyers.


  • The problem with traditional SEO. How WEBITMD’s approach to search optimization changes the way businesses think about organic traffic opportunities.
  • How our custom approach to SEO borrows from the Inbound Methodology to target audiences that convert.
  • Questions you NEED to ask before choosing an SEO agency
  • See how strategic content nurtures leads into buyers.

SEO Boston Agencies for B2B

When it comes to SEO for B2B in Boston, WEBITMD plays an entirely different ball game than any other digital marketing service providers. With B2B typically comes longer sales cycles, complex products and services, and diverse niche markets that pose a number of marketing challenges. Engineering an SEO strategy with an advanced understanding of your market, products, customers and baking it into a more comprehensive Growth Marketing strategy that will help you achieve year-over-year growth is almost never seen in the digital landscape.

This is why savvy businesses looking for B2B SEO providers seek those with growth marketing chops that know how to customize various strategies into one cohesive blueprint, alongside the engineering of marketing stacks designed to help individual clients hit their unique growth goals.

Boston Marketing Strategies Fueled by SEO

In many cases, especially for B2B clients, SEO is not the solution but instead a highly necessary lead generation strategy that’s a feature in a custom Growth Marketing Stack. High-end products, long sales cycles, and specialty niche markets share one thing in common regarding their customers: a massive need for research.

Today’s buyers are savvy and engage in a great deal of research before making purchasing decisions. From reading blogs and white papers, to diving into review sites and engaging social media groups, split-second decisions and relying on sales teams to provide the right information needed to make a purchasing decision is a thing of the past. In such a scenario, SEO is the top-of-funnel strategy that leads the right buyers to highly targeted content where other strategies kick in to help convert readers into buyers. SEO is the rocket fuel to an engine compiled of various working components necessary for year-over-year-growth.


Boston SEO Services and the Growth Stack

There are thousands of businesses capable of hitting their revenue targets with SEO alone. There are also a multitude of companies that require SEO with additional strategies and tools to hit their growth goals, as we’ve already briefly mentioned. This is where the WEBITMD Growth Stack, fueled by customer-focused SEO, is a game changer for Boston area businesses.

SEO takes on a massive responsibility by driving top-of funnel traffic. This is achieved through a variety of tactics. Ranking is one of them. But a growth-driven approach to ranking content is the polar opposite strategy taken by most Boston SEO agencies.

Rather than investing time and money into ranking for high-search volume keywords that are hyper competitive and terribly general, savvy Boston SEO agencies rank for topic-based contextual keywords used by their customers in organic searches that signifies a pain point or need. Although buyer-focused keywords rank content that gets fewer clicks, they generate more sales because the content addresses a specific need to the audiences looking for precise solutions. 

Once SEO has generated leads they are fed through advanced CRMs with marketing automation technology that scores leads, qualifies them, and feeds them specific content thus nurturing them through a sales funnel in a time-saving, cost-saving methodology.

SEO, email marketing, inbound and other strategies are all aligned to achieve the same goal for businesses in Boston that require a deeper approach than a stand-alone service.

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