WebitMD now offers Usability Assessments for your Website

Mattan Danino
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WebitMD now offers a Usability assessment on your website. This study will give you insight on what your users are doing, where they are having trouble, and what they feel needs improvement. You will explain to the user what your desired action is on your website and allow them to navigate through your site. They studies are carried out by common individuals that would be typically navigating your website. The results are reflective of what your typical traffic performs.

The results of the study are provided in both: a 20-25 min video and a written results summary

You can also specify other factors about who is performing the test. These include:

Yearly Household Income:
Expertise with computers and the Web:

These studies are especially effective for eCommerce based websites to see where users have trouble in the shopping process. They are also great for Lead Generation websites to prove if your content and aesthetic layout is credible enough to influence a user to take action.

The cost of these studies is very reasonable at $100 per study. They typically take 2 days to complete. This could be the best initial investment you make to begin modifications on your website.

Contact WebitMD today for more information or to have a study carried out.

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