WebitMD Inc. launches Hispanic Marketing (Spanish SEO/PPC) services

Mattan Danino
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WebitMD Inc. launches a sister website EspanolInternetMarketing.com that is focused on businesses who seek to market to the Hispanic community.

Our audience will be both businesses in the United States and ones abroad in Spanish speaking countries. The specific services include Bi-Lingual SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Bi-Lingual PPC (Pay Per Click Management), Spanish/English Website Design, Conversion Optimization, and Internet Marketing Strategy Consulting with a Hispanic focus. Customers of EspanolInternetMarketing.com will benefit from the WebitMD Inc. team that are all Bi-Lingual with offices located in the USA and Mexico. We have launched our new www.EspanolInternetMarketing.com site in both English and Spanish versions.

We hope to reach out to our current clients who seek to market to the fastest growing sector online as well as new businesses who desire marketing campaigns that are bilingual.

We are looking forward to this service offering and promoting it heavily going into 2012!

Mattan Danino is the Founder & CEO of WEBITMD, a Digital Growth Marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York City & Dallas. WEBITMD serves organizations globally ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprises. Mattan's focus on building a highly agile, boutique agency, has made WEBITMD unique in the industry. Mattan's passion for absolute excellence is authentic and contagious, and the effects can be seen in every aspect of the WEBITMD process. Each client at WEBITMD receives a highly personalized digital marketing strategy, and every member of the WebitMD team is thoroughly invested in each client's goals. Mattan encourages each team member to be involved and to consistently analyze marketing strategies for all clients. This collaborative approach is what sets WEBITMD apart, and why every member of the WEBITMD team feels highly and intimately invested in each and every client.