Director of SEO & Content Strategy Has 2-Year Anniversary at WEBITMD

Jen Saunders
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Reaching one’s two-year anniversary may not sound as illustrious an achievement as the 10-year, but it’s still monumental from a career standpoint.  Second-year work anniversaries are special because enough time has lapsed for your company heads to really get to know your work ethic, style, and intentions. At the same time, it gives an employee a strong feeling for the agency’s authenticity and the direction it’s heading. Since day one of my inclusion, WEBITMD and I have been on the same page, and the chapters keep growing.

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Growth, Accelerated

When I joined WEBITMD the agency was experiencing a growth spurt; we had just added our New York City office location, so I became a team member at a special time in the agency’s decade history. It was an exciting time then, and the growth and adrenaline rush hasn’t slowed down two years later.

Since my arrival,  WEBITMD made other big moves: we became a certified HubSpot agency, expanded our roster of Fortune 500 clients, tripled our team members, started offering custom growth marketing stacks, and launched our digital growth marketing workshops.

We have also been attending top global conferences (like Inbound in Boston), and created valuable relationships with other agencies and leading influencers.

Our CEO, Mattan Danino, has made several public speaking engagements, including an honorary guest lecture at UCLA. It has been thrilling to see WEBITMD expand its reach from helping to educate future marketers, to enlightening colleagues at conventions.

One of many things I appreciate about WEBITMD is that we work hard, but we play hard too. Last year the entire company attended  a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Teams have also enjoyed trips to the Caribbean and Costa Rica.

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Where SEO and Content is Headed With WEBITMD

I am excited to be a central part of WEBITMD’s  organic search and content strategies. Our leadership team has the vision and skills to dive beyond the limits set by most other agencies. WEBITMD’s organic search strategies use content customized to resonate with each client’s buyers so it will both rank well AND convert to revenue–something we are all very excited about.

WEBITMD was on the cusp of cutting-edge SEO well before I joined, and I feel right at home as I contribute my insight and leadership into our offering.

Chairman Thaddeus Whiskers

What About Chairman Thaddeus Whiskers?

With my two-year anniversary comes his. When our Director of Emotional Stability, Chairman Thaddeus Whiskers isn’t at the office inspiring creative ideas with a sprinkling of reassurance and positivity, he is usually attacking sales funnels with his marketing prowess. When asked to comment on his 2-year anniversary with WEBITMD, he purred and started licking his belly.

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My Clients are My Passion (oh and Scuba Diving)

I have had some amazing clients in my 17 years of marketing and advertising experience, but what really blows me away is the caliber of client WEBITMD draws. Every single one of my clients is special and an honor to work with.  I feel blessed every day I walk through the door in the morning. Every client experience is a fun, deep dive! Here’s to the future!

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