Webinar “The Growth Stack: a Marketing & Sales Machine Powered by Hubspot”

Nicolas Pagnotta
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On April 22nd, 2020 WEBITMD CEO and Hubspot partner Mattan Danino was invited to host the webinar “ The Growth Stack: A Marketing & Sales Machine Powered by Hubspot”, organized by the CSUCI chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) along with the CSULA marketing club and the Marketing Analytics Research Society (M.A.R.S.).

The webinar was open to all students as well as the general public via Zoom.  Over 20 undergrad students participated in hearing Mattan’s webinar. At the end of the event, they were able to have a very enriching back and forth with him through a Q&A session. Now, we make the whole webinar available to you here:

The Growth Stack, Inbound Marketing & Much More 

“What I plan to do here is kind of switch format a little bit; from just being a lecture sort to speak, just going through slides and walking through… I’m happy to do that. But I think it’s also insightful to see how you apply all of this directly within some of the tools within Hubspot”. These initial words from Mattan are a good demonstration of the tone and intention of the whole webinar. The main goal was to give attendants useful tools to apply in real-life situations, taking full advantage of Hubspot’s capabilities.   

Mattan gave a brief introduction to himself and WEBITMD, as a way to introduce the whole concept of Growth Stack. One important aspect that was widely treated by Mattan was business automation, and how it can boost a business’ efficiency. The inbound marketing methodology, the marketing funnel, the sales funnel, content for marketing, and email marketing were some of the other items Mattan went over in a 1+ hour duration webinar.

WEBITMD is a Hubspot partner agency that’s been helping businesses achieve real growth since 2008. The Growth Stack was created as a way to partner up with our clients and turn traffic into real sales. To know more about WEBITMD Growth Stack, download it for FREE in the link below. You can also schedule a meeting with Mattan Danino here.

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