Top 4 Pain Points Business Owners Face With Their Sales and Marketing Strategy, and the Best Cost-Saving Solution

Brian Miller
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No matter how great your product is, if the target customers are not aware of it, you won’t make any sales. It’s as simple as that. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising in an effort to bring their products to the world. However, not all businesses have an effective sales and marketing strategy. Finding out the pain points in the process is tantamount to helping businesses run more efficiently and generate more profits. We will group the main pain points into four categories for easier classification.

Financial Pain Points

Ask any business owner what their constraint is and you’ll hear a common-theme answer: Lack of sufficient funds. When it comes to marketing, the problem is even bigger. Most business owners don’t have that profound level of knowledge in marketing. Thus, they choose the most sensible option: outsource the task to an agency. However, not all agencies are created equal. Indeed, many businesses end up spending a ton of money on ad campaigns just to “reach out to the market”. Overspending without receiving adequate results is a common financial problem businesses owners wish to solve.

Process Pain Points

Having an internal sales and marketing department is a great idea. However, what can be optimized to make the team work more efficiently? If the team doesn’t keep track of lead attribution, they may end up wasting time on nurturing low-value, low-priority leads. The 80/20 rule can be applied in the process to help businesses focus only on the main anchor clients/advertising methods/acquisition channels that yield the most results. To be able to do that, ideally, you need a tool that automatically tracks all your campaigns and offers insights into the data that it collects.

Productivity Pain Points

Imagine having to go back and forth between two departments in an attempt to collect lead data and optimize sales channels. It’s time-consuming, inefficient, and a waste of human resource to say the least. When different people are responsible for different parts of the process and only they have access to the data, collaboration and communication become key. If the salesperson hasn’t completed the report on last month’s sales, the marketing guy won’t be able to begin optimizing the campaign for next month, and so on. It would become more efficient if everything is available on a central dashboard where the whole team has access.

Support Pain Points

The lack of timely support at critical stages during the sales process can be a real obstacle in keeping business from obtaining its end-of-year goal. CRM software, Google Ads, sales funnel applications all have a very steep learning curve. Indeed, issues tend to pop up from time to time. This is worse if you have multiple systems working together in your sales and marketing strategy.

Why WEBITMD Growth Stack for Your Sales and Marketing Strategy?

WEBITMD Growth Stack is an all-in-one sales and marketing solution that attempts to solve the aforementioned pain points. Growth Stack brings multiple stages of a marketing campaign together with a final goal in mind: Business growth. Process automation and AI-powered technology streamline time-consuming processes and assist in better decision making. The combination of CRM, sales templates, deal stages, and automation helps eliminate productivity pain points. Contact us to book a Growth Stack exploratory call to learn how to turn your business into a profit-producing machine!

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