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Andrew Copeland
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It is true that video content is no longer the hot new trend. In fact, you’ve probably read (or at least glanced at the headline) about a hundred blog posts over the past few years claiming that you NEED to to implement video into your content strategy RIGHT NOW or get left behind. But is there any truth to that hyperbole? Is your business really going to fail because you haven’t hired a film crew yet?

The truth is somewhere in between a yes and a no. The fact is that times change and as content saturation becomes a harsh reality, marketers need to find new new ways to grab people’s attention – and do it on their audience’s terms.

Written content is still a highly useful and necessary medium,  but the numbers don’t lie. Blog posts, ebooks, white papers and the like simply do not get the results they did in 2014. Video content is much more engaging and shareable these days and it would be very silly not to acknowledge that fact.

So why is video so magical?

Trends come and go and video is currently the most popular format on the internet. Just look at some of today’s biggest players: YouTube, Instagram Stories, TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook Live among others. Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post just aren’t as popular as they were five or six years ago. Getting your brand mentioned in Forbes isn’t as impressive either.

So why do people like video so much? Let’s explore:

It’s more human. Written content has gotten kind of a bad rap over the past few years thanks to content mills. Many agencies and businesses started outsourcing their content production to third parties who knew nothing about the subjects they were writing about – and it showed. Video content that features a company spokesperson gives people a reason to trust your content and lends credibility to your brand.

You can watch it while multitasking. We all have busy lives and finding time to keep up with the latest industry news is a challenge. Video content – similar to podcasts – can be used as background noise while working on another task. For example, it’s much easier to watch a video while cooking dinner or sending emails than it is to read a full-length blog post.

Moving pictures are captivating. Before television and before theater, we had campfires. People would gather around and stare at piles of burning wood – and we still do this today! Why is it so fascinating? There is probably some research available but this isn’t the place for that. Just know that people like to watch moving pictures. I mean, look at the success of the Boomerang app and Giphy. People love that stuff and so do I.

How can you take advantage of these facts?

Using video to supplement your written content can help take your marketing to the next level and increase engagement on all levels. It doesn’t need to be a full-fledged Hollywood production, either. Smartphone cameras are now equipped with some pretty impressive technology that will work fine in most cases. Start getting your feet wet by shooting some interview-style videos and chopping them up with one of the many free video editing softwares available.

But once you get comfortable with video and are convinced this is the right move for your brand, you’ll want to invest more heavily and bring in an outside agency that knows what it’s doing. This will allow you to create high-quality, scalable video campaigns capable of making anyone internet famous. You could be the next Logan Paul! Well, bad example but you get the point.

Make Video A Part of Your Growth Marketing Strategy with WEBITMD

As part of our updated Growth Stack offering, WEBITMD is now offering video marketing solutions for a wide range of budgets and strategies. Whether you need a simple 30 second animated video, a full-blown studio production, or want to invest in ongoing monthly campaigns, our partners at Lemonlight Productions have all the experience and capabilities needed to produce high quality video content.

Interested in exploring video? Read about our Growth Stack today and learn how to elevate your marketing strategy!

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