When should you outsource your Social Media Marketing to an Agency?

Mattan Danino
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Social Media Networking as a tool for marketing purposes is absolutely booming. Sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other types of social networking sites are receiving the highest numbers of web traffic and are harvesting the attention of companies with big budgets to spend on publicity and advertising online.

Many of these social networking sites are offering great marketing channels and services for those large companies to reach their target audiences, in mass quantities of course. MySpace Bulletin Postings is a service offered by MySpace that allows companies to purchase MySpace Bulletins, Craigslist postings, and opportunities for seeding message boards to send out fabricated “bulletins” about their company or products. MySpace will then post these “bulletins” on the pages of consumers in their target market.

MySpace describes how they’ve “created a network of account holders who, between them have thousands and millions of friends. By having these multiple account holders place your bulletin, it looks like genuine and organic buzz. Whether you’re a brand looking to drive traffic to a jump site, or a band establishing a following, our bulletin program is a way to spread authentic buzz to a large group of people.”

The advantage of using a service like this is the reach potential that sites like MySpace and Craigslist contain. The numbers of consumers that can be targeted are outrageously large and are very effective in reaching a mass market in one’s target market. Also, since these social networking sites are based on peer-to-peer communication, word of mouth and viral marketing are almost guaranteed to take place.

There is one major disadvantage to using this service. Many think this form of marketing will only work for certain types of promotions. For example if you want to advertise an upcoming gig for your band, one can see how using a MySpace “blast” to thousands of accounts would appear reasonably real since the site is often used as a central site for bands. However, for a company that was trying to promote breast enhancement pills, there is much doubt any company could make a “bulletin” about that seem like a real bulletin rather than an advertisement.

So, depending on the form of business you are running, social media networking may or may-not be a good form of advertising to use online. If your company could benefit from one of these major sites, paying for these services could help you increase your reach.

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Blog Post Written By: Kent Seiders