The diary of a #Hashtag. A Tell all Tale…

Mattan Danino
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1-hashtagHi, everyone I am a #hashtag! By now you must have seen me or have used me on social media profiles. I’m most famous for my appearance on Instagram, and been authorized by companies for advertising and market research.  I have also influenced half of todays generation to include me in their culture. Frankly, some people don’t like me because they constantly blabber about in the media about how I have heavily corrupted the English language. Whatever they think doesn’t matter to me, what matters more is I am being prevalently used, and I like that.

My origin?

During my initial days in the marketing world, social media early practitioners were the only guys who used me. As people came to know my potential and they started to understand me better and better, they embraced me as one of their key components in the marketing strategy for business. Now, I have my own legion.

Due to my affinity for the social media, people relate me to only social media when they hear my name. Some people include me in their beautiful moments and some people become annoyed with me because my presence for them breaks the logical sense in the air.

Although I don’t hold grudges against these comments, I have an objection against those people who misuse me, and abuse me without properly understanding me completely. Even Celebrities make these mistakes.

How people misuse and abuse me?

Because I don’t use spaces in between what I say, people have misinterpreted me and they have included me everywhere in their conversations. When there is a trend in the market, people who have little idea about me include me in their conversation without thinking about the awkward position I am in. I can’t be used anywhere you like, keep that in mind.

If you use me rightly, I am very efficient in finding you contents which are related the topics you are searching for and also all those people who are debating about the topic. Like searching for a content on a specific topic with the help of my family members like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you can also consult for specific topics to search with the help of my various brothers and sisters who are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube and many other cousins I don’t recall.

 Who owns me?

There are some various sites out there which will enable you to take an image of me and submit it to them so that you can efficiently track me down. If I had promoted your brand, or I have been an integral part of one of your campaigns, then make sure that you keep a picture of me so that no one can exploit me later.

Let me give you some tips what I really do and how I can help you

I can help you with…


As I said earlier, I will take you cool places where people are discussing about the things you and the things you want to talk about. Usually I am the hottest topics that people indulge to talk about, but hey!, I will help you help you come across popular discussions that relates to the questions you have in your mind. And who knows, you might find all the answers.


For my business friends, want to know what the customers are talking about your service? If you consult me, I can help you reach audiences which are dwelling in the discussions and debates about your products. Don’t tell me that’s not important.

By saying, “Fire!” the loudest!

Whether you want to distribute information relating to natural disasters or you want to loudly publish breaking news, I can be the loudest instrument that can dole out these announcements effectively.

I also share with people all your happy news and your updates about fun you’re having in your daily life.

Promotion of event or conference

Event planners really appreciate me for my effort in pre-promoting event. I promote the conference during the event and make sure that people are still connected after the completion of the event. I can say I am proud of myself for accomplishing a company’s dream by engaging more people, and influencing their passion for what the company does.

#Grammys, #Oscars, anyone??

Reaching out to consumers

Sometimes I have been shared with such popularity that I take a life on my own. Due to this factor, companies use me when they have special offers, anchor campaigns and promote their brand. I have a long history and I have been in many places, but to get to know me very closely, you have to do a bit of research first.

I am not a mere simple character you see every day, I can generate audience for you which you deemed unfathomable in the social media.

#I am Forever.

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