Yahoo Expanding with Facebook

Mattan Danino
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Facebook has rapidly grown to become the world’s largest social networking site with about 350 million users worldwide. Now Yahoo Inc. is letting users of its email, photo-sharing, and other online products link their content and activities directly into Facebook.

Yahoo expects to begin this Connect service in the first half of 2010. It represents an important move in Yahoo’s efforts to tap the popularity of social networking.

As part of a broad revamping of the Yahoo front page, Yahoo allowed its users to preview messages from their Facebook friends directly on the Yahoo homepage.

The integration of Facebook and Yahoo was taken a step further in the announcement of activities users perform on Yahoo being published in Facebook news feeds. For example, if a user shares photos on Flickr, it will be documented in the Facebook news feed.

Yahoos’ hope is that the Facebook users will become visitors of the Yahoo page.

“Facebook Connect, which was introduced last year, provides a universal ID that lets people automatically log on to participating sites with their Facebook credentials. It also allows people to notify their Facebook friends about their activities on third-party Web sites.”

CEO Carol Bartz, who took over in January of this year, seeks to revive the growth of Yahoo.

Information Provided By: The New York Times
Written by: Samantha J. Stephan