7 Ways to Use SnapChat Marketing for Business and SEO

Janet Lee
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SnapChat marketing strategies are quickly becoming popular for innovative businesses. In today’s ever-changing world of technology, mobile apps have taken over people’s lives. Along with keeping in touch with friends and family, more and more businesses are discovering the important role apps can play in marketing themselves to new groups of customers, while leveraging their SEO. One of the most innovative and popular apps businesses are choosing today is SnapChat, which like other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter have opened up new ways for businesses to grow and prosper while sending valuable social signals to their website, as well as an increase in traffic and engagement–things Google favors. Whether it’s announcing an upcoming sale, giving a short introduction about a new product, or simply thanking customers for their business, SnapChat marketing techniques are quickly becoming a favorite of many companies and organizations.

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SnapChat Marketing and SEO Sitting in A Tree…

When it comes to incorporating SnapChat marketing strategies into a company’s SEO plan, you can maximize its power by integrating the app into a robust content marketing strategy. If you plan to use SnapChat in advanced digital marketing strategies such as this, it is vital to partner with a top Google-Partner SEO agency to truly maximize your efforts. By properly integrating SnapChat posts into the content marketing strategies of a business, a company can see decreased bounce rates because it channels in the right kind of traffic. That said, user engagement will go up, and along with this comes higher conversions and goal completion making the SEO benefits huge. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level of online marketing, here are seven ways in which SnapChat can be used to market your business and juice up your SEO.

snapchat marketing and seo

Sneak Peek at New Products and Services

If you want to keep customers interested in your business while making them feel valued, use SnapChat to give them sneak peeks at your new products or services. Whether it’s sending a quick photo with a caption or a super-short video that peaks their interest, SnapChat will be a great way to stay connected to your customers. Ask customers what they like about the product, and engage them directly. Not only will this give them a sense of value but it will also increase your chances of social engagement. So how can you maximize such activity? Remember, most people engage online content with mobile devices, so if you work with a digital marketing agency to execute a mobile SEO strategy, your content will be more accessible to a larger consumer market.

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Educating and Informing Your Customers

SnapChat is ideal for showing value in a product by educating people on various uses and benefits, and it is also a great way to retain clients and decrease product returns by educating individuals on how to solve issues regarding the item. For customers who have bought a product and then had difficulty figuring out how to use it, SnapChat can be a great way to ensure your customers that the product is still worth their investment after small problem-solving tutorials are presented. By creating short product demonstrations with this app and then integrating them into your SnapChat marketing content strategies, you’ll be able to build up a loyal following among your customers and stay ahead of the competition.

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A Virtual Idea Board

If you happen to have products that can serve different purposes, one SnapChat marketing idea can to build and encourage virtual idea boards to let customers demonstrate various uses to others who may be interested. In addition, you can use SnapChat yourself to do the same thing, letting your viewers witness your demonstration and then provide you with instant feedback. By doing this, you will be significantly increasing social engagement and you’ll probably find the SEO agency you’re working with will be giving you great analytics reports showing an increase in traffic to your website, higher organic ranking, and an increase in conversions.

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Promotions and Contests

If your business has some great promotions or contests for customers, SnapChat is a stellar way to promote limited-time events. By using the app in this context you’ll give your customers a sense of urgency, helping them feel like they have the inside scoop on the contest everyone is talking about. To make this marketing technique as effective as possible, be sure you know your audience, create memorable content that will have people talking for days, and promote an aura of scarcity for your event. If you accomplish all this, you’re well on your way to higher online engagement and SEO success.

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Discuss Important Issues

If you have a product or service catering to a specific group, don’t be afraid to use SnapChat as a forum to discuss issues that are important to your demographic. In today’s advertising world, authenticity is everything. Therefore, don’t be afraid to be real, keep it real, and show your customers just how much you care about them and the issues that matter the most. Be transparent and don’t try to hide any flaws. Instead, address them and follow through with a strong triage statement with a call to action.

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Find an Influencer

When it comes to using social media as an effective marketing tool, perhaps nothing spells success more so than developing a partnership with an influencer. Whether it’s a social media personality such as Logan Paul who has found fame promoting one product after another, or a star athlete such as LeBron James telling the world about the greatness of your product or service, an influencer who can engage your followers is worth their weight in marketing gold. Getting high-profile endorsements is very difficult. Your best bet is to choose a charity they are active in, and show how your product is relevant to its advancement with a proposition for an annual donation. Finding an influencer who helps drive your SnapChat marketing efforts will garner all the social and web engagement needed to crank up your SEO and get new customers. 

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Feature Your Followers

Along with featuring yourself and your products or services, include your customers by featuring them on your SnapChat site as soon as possible. For those who have bought your product or used your service, give them the chance to tell their story. If you do, you can bet social following will increase, as will your website’s organic ranking due to the strong social signals and website engagement increase.

While mobile apps continue to evolve, there’s no doubt SnapChat is poised to take its place among the most popular and effective for businesses big and small. And by partnering with a digital marketing agency, you’ll find that SnapChat marketing can enhance your SEO efforts while opening up a variety of new and exciting options.
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