Why It’s Time to Change Your SEO Strategy

Brian Miller
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Digital marketing is still widely dependent on a good SEO strategy. While inbound marketing is the latest craze (and with good cause) without search engine optimization buyers wouldn’t be able to find the right content designed to suck them into a funnel where they are nurtured before becoming a delighted customer. The best SEO agencies understand how Google crawls and awards authority to content. This is the foundation to any SEO strategy, and from that foundation comes a number of factors into how to create a search strategy that fosters business growth. If your SEO blueprint is weathered and lacking, then you may want to consider changing your strategy. Still on the fence? Though poor organic ranking is an obvious reason to go back to the drawing board, here are some clearly defined reasons why you should toss out the old and bring in a new SEO protocol.

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You Have a High Bounce Rate and a High CTR

Having a high click through rate is great. After all, if people don’t click on you, they can’t become your customers. Having a high CTR is often over-focused on while other relative data is ignored or not taken seriously. If you have a high CTR but people are quick to leave your site, and if this is fairly consistent, you will eventually lose your organic ranking because Google bots can tell that searchers favor other content and not yours. This also points to one main problem: the content in your meta description does not truly reflect the content on your landing page.

This is a clear sign you need a new SEO strategy. The first thing the best SEO agencies do when onboarding a client is to pull the titles, tags and descriptions and see if they truly represent the content on their designated pages. This is basic SEO 101 and if you are falling flat on your face in this regard then clearly you need to change things up.

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No Improvement in Year Over Year Comparison Rankings

A successful SEO strategy will ensure a site’s overall ranking increases year by year. Some businesses demand an increase in just a month, which is unrealistic (especially if you are in a highly competitive market). A sixth-month period can be very telling, though to truly give your SEO the full benefit of the doubt, a year’s glance is ideal. Obviously if you drop in ranking, it is time to craft a new SEO strategy. But even if you remain in the same position it is imperative you make some big changes. You are not investing in your business to remain in one place; business growth requires a steady increase and if the needle isn’t moving then it’s time to replace the gears.

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Your Content Gets Dismal Social Engagement

Social signals help improve SEO, and if you get little action from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels, then you need to change your SEO strategy so it includes a new direction with content. Start by creating buyer personas that best match your customers. Then use the pillar topic cluster model for creating content. This way you are writing blogs directly to your buyers while structuring your content in a way that Google can better decipher and see the authoritative sustenance in your words and how you present them.

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