The Best E-commerce Platforms for SEO in 2020

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Getting to the top of Organic Search is challenging for any brand, but it can be more challenging without the right E-commerce platform. Some of the current solutions perform better than others when it comes to content management and E-commerce. When choosing between the best E-commerce platforms for SEO in 2020, you also want an E-commerce SEO agency to assess the needs of your business and provide recommendations. 

The Best E-commerce Platforms for SEO in 2020

Today, there are many different choices of E-commerce platforms, and some of the options with the best SEO performance include:

  • Shopify: One of the most popular and best-performing SEO platforms. It has an easy-to-use interface and all the tools you need for marketing and SEO.
  • Magento: Is another popular platform that provides more tools and solutions for any size E-commerce business. It also has all the right tools for marketing, SEO, and website performance.
  • Volusion: This is an easy-to-use online store platform that can help small businesses grow with online sales. If you plan on using Volusion, it is a good idea to contract an SEO consultancy for help with marketing and organic search because of its limited tools.
  • Woocommerce: Is another popular E-commerce platform that offers a lot of options for customization of your online store. There are also many plugins and tools that can be added to Woocommerce to maximize performance and manage marketing campaigns.
  • Weebly: This E-commerce platform has been around for a while and has tools and documentation you need to build a successful online store.

These are the E-commerce platforms that offer the most when it comes to marketing tools and getting your website to rank at the top of organic search. There are also other choices that your SEO consultant may recommend for the specific E-commerce platform needs of your business.

Planning Your E-commerce Website

The first step in your E-commerce business is to develop a plan. An SEO consultancy service can help with developing a plan for a new business or updating an existing E-commerce website with a new platform and performance improvements that boost SEO and Organic Search Results. Points that you want to include in your E-commerce website plan include:

  • Outline your idea and products or services you want to sell
  • Find the right E-commerce platform for your products or services
  • Plan for future growth and create a timeline of milestones
  • Consider the costs of an E-commerce website and the financing you need to start

Talk with your SEO consultant about additional plans and features that can benefit the design of your website and the profitability of your business.

Considering the Needs of Your E-commerce Business

Different types of E-commerce websites can be profitable niches. Depending on the products you are selling, you will need a platform and hosting that has what your business needs. Work with a qualified SEO agency to help decide the content management and SEO tools your E-commerce website needs to rank at the top of the search results.

Make Sure the Platform You Use Has the Right Tools

It is also important to have the right tools for your E-commerce site, and different platforms offer some of the following solutions:

  • Backend tools for products and categories
  • Analytic tools for sales, marketing, and SEO
  • SEO tools to get products at the top of SERPs

The right tools will help you manage your website, its performance, and marketing to rank at the top of SERPs.

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Speed, Scalability, and Custom Options for E-commerce

The performance of your site is important, and there are a few areas that you want to look at for better E-commerce website design, which includes:

  • Speed is important for SEO, and you need platforms and hosting that load quickly to ensure customers have a good experience, and your website ranks at the top of search pages.
  • Ranking in the Organic Search means growth, and your E-commerce platform needs to be scalable to adjust to the needs of your business growth.
  • Custom designs are one of the most important features for an E-commerce website to establish a recognizable brand.

Looking at these areas when building an E-commerce website will help maximize performance and your rankings in Organic Search.

Choosing an E-commerce SEO Agency in 2020

Organic Search is an important channel for many E-commerce brands, and these platforms are the best solutions for SEO needs. Contact us to get started developing the right platform to boost the performance and Organic Search ranking of your E-commerce business.  

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