Stop Kicking Rocks, Write Content that Ranks for SEO & Converts to Sales (Here’s How)

Jen Saunders
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Kicking rocks: what clueless, shoulder-shrugging copywriters do when they write content crammed with high search volume keywords in hopes to see the fruits of their labor pay off on page one of Google. But let’s face it: you can crap in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up faster.

Google’s last core algorithm update awarded sites that had this kind of content: that which addressed the common problems and pain points searchers had while providing them with solutions and great educational takeaways. At the same time, sites with poor content crammed with keywords took a colossal dive, as did websites that tried too hard to maintain their “branded voice” but failed to take on modern SEO considerations.

Why am I writing this article? At WEBITMD, we have a lot of clients who have seen the significant increase in rankings, website traffic, and sales from organic traffic due to our blogging efforts. Many have asked if their internal teams can write additional blogs for the strategy, and since more content is always better, we never turn them away. This article is intended to help brands learn how to write blogs to appease Google’s algorithm as we know it today, and based on where it is headed in the future, and that will resonate with buyers thus resulting in more sales.

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Identify Your SEO Keywords, then Humanize Them

The best SEO agencies will create content clusters using keyword strategies with branded variations, broad keywords, longtail keywords, phrase match, and exact match keywords. But you can’t expect to rank content and convert sales by writing common articles stuffed with every type of keyword in your list. This is why ninja SEO experts include content with context that uses the right tone for each buyer persona.

Your webpage content, blogs, service pages, product pages and everything in between needs to be written to YOUR TARGET BUYERS, and your keywords need to be peppered throughout. But they also need to be humanized. For example, if you have an ecommerce business that sells mobile phones and you are creating a page that sells flip phones with big buttons for senior citizens, don’t limit your keywords to “big button flip phones” or “phones for seniors”. While these may be fine, the best SEO agencies will humanize your keywords by including a common pain point an ideal buyer may have who would be searching for such a product. An example would be “cell phones for the visually impaired” or “vision impairment big button cell phones” these last two keyword examples are longtail forms that showcase a problem, with a resolution.

As long as the topics on your webpage cover these issues and provide high-quality educational content, the keywords with the human lining will help Google understand who the content can best serve, and as target audiences engage the page thus creating longer dwell times, and explore the site visiting multiple pages, signals are sent to the search engine that aid in improving rankings and domain authority. And when content like this ranks for the right audience members, an increase in conversions and sales will naturally follow.

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SEO Works Better When You Give Your Readers Added Value

If your audience lands on your page through the organic traffic channel, and they read the content from start to finish, they are clearly invested in what you have to say. So why not give them more? Create a CTA with messaging that’s too good to resist,that allows them to download a buyer’s guide, or something that given them additional information that helps them make a purchasing decision. SEO’s job is to rank pages for various keywords and search terms, but what good is it if the page won’t convert? Unless the landing page is already a conversion page (like a product page with a check out feature) you can introduce inbound marketing to your SEO strategy to take that organic traffic and nurture readers until they are ready and well informed to confidently make a purchasing decision. When you can give already interested audiences something extra that further reinforces why your products or services are the best solutions to their needs, your conversion and sales rates will skyrocket.

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Are You Talking AT Your Audience, or Talking WITH Them?

We already talked about humanizing your keywords, but you also need to humanize the content as a whole by making sure the tone suits the target audience. Otherwise you are talking at your buyers, and not with them as they form certain questions in their minds. Clearly, if you are a B2B operation that is trying to attract high-end real estate investors for off-shire development, then using a “friendly conversational tone” would be the wrong choice. But if you are one of three scuba diving shops on Bermuda, then using a conversational tone with basic friendly language will likely resonate with your ideal customers. If your business focuses on custom urns made from high-end materials, you will want to use a specific demeanor that is loving, gentle and informative. But if you sell white water rapids tours down the Colorado River, you will want to use language that is exploding with excitement and that challenges readers to book an excursion.

Ultimately, the tone, topic, keywords and vocabulary must align to resonate with your buyer persona, and when content is written for SEO and for your customers, you will see a massive improvement in ranking, conversions and sales.

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