WordPress & SEO – A Happy Marriage :)

Mattan Danino
Reading Time: 4 minutes

There are many reasons why people choose WordPress as their platform for websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites. The platform is easy to learn, easy to use, and it’s great for creating a site that is search engine friendly. That’s because sites that use this platform come with a few tools that help with search engine optimization.

Several features of WordPress sites combine to make it a great way to build a site, regardless of one’s experience level. Even basic sites on this platform come with some basic SEO-friendly qualities built into them. A WordPress site helps search engines find sites, understand those sites, and make them appear in search results almost immediately after content is posted. Here are ten reasons that illustrate exactly how WordPress helps with SEO.
1. WordPress works well with mobile devices.

Search engines favor platforms that are compatible with mobile devices. A large percentage of internet traffic now comes from people who are using phones to access the web. Because WordPress sites are very mobile-friendly, this is a benefit when it comes to search engine optimization. Sites that can’t be viewed using mobile phones are missed by lots of web users. As more traffic comes from smartphone users, the importance of having pages that are accessible from any device will only increase.

2. It allows for customizable SEO. 

Because there are lots of different options for search engine optimization on WordPress sites, they are easy to customize in ways that search engines favor. Highly customizable options mean that it’s simple to add features that make a site even more search engine friendly. For example, WordPress sites make it easy to create an organized system of categories and tags. They also help users understand the best way to format urls and titles.

3. Its site architecture is spider-friendly.

Because they are structured well and designed by experts, WordPress sites are made to be spider-friendly. A spider is a program that processes the information on a website to determine its functionality and usefulness. Good site architecture is important when a spider is crawling a site because if the spider cannot understand the content, it cannot properly makes its determination. This can hurt a site’s ranking. Having a well-structured sites is an important component of being search engine friendly.

4. Text based platforms get preferred treatment.

Search engines favor text-based sites because they’re easier for spiders to understand. Spiders crawl through all the content on a site, and text based sites make the most sense to these programs. While spiders can’t understand images, videos, and other forms of media very easily, they do understand text. Text-based platforms make it simple for bots to crawl, index, and rank websites. For this reason, these types of platforms make content accessible to customers and readers much faster than platforms that are image-based.

5. WordPress pages get indexed quickly.

Because they have good site architecture and are text based, these sites get indexed quickly. This is useful for several reasons. Pages that are indexed get seen. They also establish their web presence sooner. In very competitive search rankings, being first can be an advantage. Once a page is indexed, it can start appearing among search results when someone types in a keyword or keyphrase. Pages that take a long time to index take longer to show up in searches. The pages can be directly accessed in the meantime, but until they are indexed, they will not show up in search results.

6. It uses basic web design principles. 

Most search engines favor basic web design for all the reasons previously mentioned. They are less confusing to spiders and easier to index. This gives them a significant advantage when it comes to optimization techniques. Because the foundation is already structurally and architecturally sound, any extra optimization only increases the site’s value.

7. WordPress sites come with excellent content management systems.

Its excellent content management system makes WordPress easy to use. This means fewer SEO mistakes because users have a way to understand exactly how to keep their content properly organized. Detailed systems of creating hierarchies of tags filed under different categories add greatly to a site’s search engine optimization, and this platform greatly simplifies that process.

8. WordPress sites automatically ping major search engines. 

Each time a new post is added, each of the major search engines are notified. This means indexing happens quickly. Once pages are indexed, they can then begin appearing in search results for their particular associated keywords and keyphrases. Once search engines know that new content has been added, the indexing can begin. The fact that WordPress has automated the process of pinging various search engines the moment new content gets posted is one of its major advantages.

9. It allows for plug-ins. 

There are lots of different types of plug-ins that have different functions, and some are specifically geared toward optimizing for the web. These additional options add value for site users as well as search engines because well-organized content is easier to find, access, and use. Plug-ins can be used with all types of WordPress sites, and they can greatly improve a site’s functionality.

10. Eliminates the need for redirects. 

Redirects happen when websites change their web address to a different URL. If each page of a site is linked directly to the site’s address, a change in address will mean that each page has to use 404 redirect. Search engines don’t like redirects, and WordPress makes it possible to avoid them altogether. Users create pages that link internally within a site. If the site address changes, it’s not a problem. The pages can still be accessed using the new web address without any redirects at all.

These are just some of the reasons why webmasters and search engines love WordPress. The platform provides the perfect foundation for a search engine optimized website. Combining the power of this open-source program with more in-depth search optimization techniques gives sites that are built using this platform a chance to quickly become powerhouses when it comes to search rankings. While other platforms offer certain benefits, few come close to offering as much SEO-friendly and user-friendly design elements as WordPress sites. SEO experts know what an important tool WordPress can be in building a fully-optimized website.


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