SEO is an Ongoing Process! "Quick Fix" Ranking Days Are Over Folks…

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seo_that_does_not_workThose days are gone if you think you can build a website that ranks high and remains on the top for years. Today, the trend has changed drastically due to organic traffic on websites being not consistent. The website that is on the first position of  search results in Google or any other search engine may not be even found on the first page anymore. This necessitates the strong and continuous need to optimize websites using on page and off page optimization. Here, nothing is guaranteed and everything needs to be earned through continuous and undying efforts.


You can follow these steps to insure that the optimization process goes on and the results come in our favor:

Build an army of Mini Sites! There are some gray hat techniques among the seo company services. The advantage of this strategy is that they can add a lot of affordable link juice without exposing the site too much. Another way is to facilitate quick, mini-site rollout. This type of approach is very simple. In addition to promoting the client’s official site, you can begin a series of side campaigns by consistently rolling out new mini sites in order to soak up more traffic and leads to specific keywords. This Type of technique can be extremely helpful in increasing the leadflow and revenue. It also helps to create a sort of SEO Insurance policy where you are not relying simply on the one website but turning a one site client to 10 site client and even more.

Also, improve the rank by making a presence on YouTube, Authority Web 2.0 Platforms and Press Releases. This type of strategy is basically similar to the building army of mini sites. But in this, instead of  building out sites on the new domains, you need to upload them on the sites like Blogger, or submit the press release on the various sites. When the PR is properly submitted, the Google gives much importance to the PR in improving the rank of the website. The ranking is also determined by the quality of backlinks available in the website. The better the backlinks the better would be the ranking in the search engine results pages (SERP). If the process of the PR submission and backlinks are extensive, the results can be seen quite early with a distinction in the search results & can be incredibly effective in multiplying the client’s web presence worldwide.

Simply moving with SEO will not prove too good in maintaining the ranking of your business. One has to think out of the box in order to have the business flourishing for the longest time and in an uninterrupted manner. Also some may want to target only a specific area of business. For them the following will be the best most suitable.

Email Marketing is regarded as the king of sales and conversions. Social Media Management deals with engaging the customers so that the one can freely express their views on the social platform. Retargeting refers to using platform like AdRoll or Site Out and having the immediate results. With the additional Channels, one can also have the exposure on these channels.

These strategies are connected to multiplying the Return on Investments (ROI). Although, every client is unique and will have the particular interest in the diverse fields. Some focus on simply SEO, some Social Media, Some in Google Adwords and so on. But you all must think out of the box in order to have the all round maintenance and development of SEO.

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