PPC and SEO Agencies Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic

Monica Vargas
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COVID-19 is here with us. Hopefully, you’re taking the advise by the World Health Organization on how to survive the pandemic seriously. But even as you avoid crowds, halting your marketing operations due to coronavirus will be suicidal for your business. It’s time to partner with SEO agencies to prevent precarious mistakes that will see your practice nosedive.

What Do SEO Agencies Advise?

Below, we have compiled some pro SEO tips to vaccinate your business against the lethal coronavirus wave.

Update Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business (GMB) dashboard has useful tools for updating your local customers about your company. Has COVID-19 forced you to readjust your working hours? Inform your customers through GMB. During this period, people may not be sure when you are available. Upload your correct contact information and let your customers know about any new products or offers.

Audit Your Content Assets

You might not achieve a comprehensive audit, but there’s a lot you can do with a mini-audit. Get started with an inventory of your content assets on an excel sheet. Include everything from emails, blogs, webpages, presentations, guest posts, infographics, and so forth.

With a complete list, weigh each item based on the value it brings to your business. For instance, which post drives the most traffic to your site, or which one has the most shares?

See if you can repurpose such content for your other marketing channels. Consider updating with links to new products, optimizing with keywords and CTAs, and promoting further.

Manage Your Online Reviews

Many businesses have hundreds of online reviews that they never seem to get time to answer. While things are slow, evaluate the most recent ones, and create well-thought responses. If you don’t have a review policy, develop one. Delegate a talented employee to take care of reviews henceforth.

Devise automatic responses bearing your brand messaging. The person managing your online reviews must know when to escalate support to legitimate concerns from customers and how to deal with negative comments. Equip your staff with all the tools needed.

Reach Out to Your Customers

The decision to contact customers depends on your reasons, your relationship with them, and your business type. The fundamental thing is to think outside the box about how you can offer assistance and reassurance during this stressful moment. If you have been communicating with your customers via social media platforms or email, don’t stop the conversation.

Create Videos

The consumer today gets attracted to videos more than most other marketing contents. They get information about your products and services in great detail. For SEO purposes, video helps you to target prospects with long-tail keywords, which are highly converting. Your content also appears in relevant searches on YouTube, and you get more likely to feature in featured snippets.

There are many low-priced AI-based tools for generating transcripts. Attach your videos to blog posts and take screenshots for social media marketing.

COVID-19 Shouldn’t Kill Your Businesses

Social distancing has become imperative to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The pandemic has interrupted businesses and brought economic uncertainty in most parts of the world. Things can be difficult, but SEO agencies like WEBITMD will guide you on how to keep your organization thriving.

Talk to us to learn more about how your business will overcome COVID-19.

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