What is Organic Social Media and How can it Generate Revenue?

Jason Patel
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Organic social media isn’t new. However, most organizations don’t do it (or they do it very poorly). When most people hear someone talk about social media marketing they almost always think of paid Facebook ads or other paid promotions on multiple social platforms. But the tactics one can perform and that the best digital marketing agencies execute relies on using social media that steps outside the paid media box can play tremendous roles into increasing revenue and helping organizations hit their sales targets. 

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So what is Organic Social Media?

Organic social media is anything that occurs on a social media platform without the use of a paid promotion. Basically, whenever you post or engage others in an attempt to boost traffic to a website, or get a direct conversion, you are engaging in an organic social media strategy. If you make a remark on a business post that appears in your news feed, and there is no “Sponsored” tag, then the action is purely organic. In other words, an organic action takes place within a space void of ads.

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LinkedIn Social Group Hacking

In regards to B2B, one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate revenue is to search for LinkedIn groups occupied by target buyer personas, note what blog topics are being shared the most and talked about, pay attention to the various objections, pain points, needs, and solutions are as expressed by these users, and try to pinpoint the top influencers in these groups.

Once you have this data, work with a content creation team to write blogs that touch upon these subjects, that speak to the target buyers at hand, and in a manner that provides a solution to a need. Make sure the blog has a CTA that will lead readers through the conversion process.

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Focus on Sending Social Signals to Target Landing Pages

Your website should have landing pages designed to convert specific types of traffic. And in order to send high quality traffic (and lots of it) to these landing pages, a hybrid SEO approach with organic social media is necessary to maximize results. Whenever someone comments on your post, likes it, shares it, re-tweets it, or has some type of interaction, social signals are sent back to the destination URL (your landing page) letting Google know that the content was favorably received. This increases the page’s authority, as well as any organic rankings tied into the page through various strategic strands.

Leading growth marketing agencies are known for adding SEO to social media marketing to help enhance lead generation and sales, so make sure any tactic to generate more social signals runs in-sync with an advanced SEO strategy to truly maximize results.  

Ready to Increase Sales with a Modern SEO and Organic Social Media Strategy?

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