How Marketing Automation Empowers Growth-Driven SEO Strategies

Jen Saunders
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Marketing automation and SEO are seldom uttered in the same breath. Typically, this technology is more closely associated with Inbound marketing and email campaigns. But as a top-of-funnel strategy, it has a place alongside organic search.

SEO is an interesting animal. It is by far the most popular of all digital marketing strategies, and it is also the most misunderstood and misused service. Here’s the thing: many people think there is a magic switch accessed by SEO agencies that, once flipped, will create an instant stream of sales. Then there are others who think it will start paying off in a few weeks to a month. This is not the case at all. But when marketing automation is run alongside an SEO strategy, gaps get filled in, and results come in quicker.

In terms of misusing SEO, organizations think that once they organically rank well in Google, they are set. But generating sales from organic traffic doesn’t rely on ranking alone, and ranking should never be SEO’s goal. Sure, ranking is a major part of the strategy, but the idea is to generate leads and sales from organic traffic, and as previously stated, marketing automation helps fuel this process.

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Marketing Automation Gives SEO Greater Purpose

Any business investing in SEO does so because they want to convert organic traffic into sales, and marketing automation helps to do just that. Unfortunately, companies misuse SEO by investing in low to mid-level service providers whose scope strives to rank for big keywords void of audience targeting, and they never employ conversion optimization strategies because they view this as a separate service. But this logic makes about as much sense as a farmer planting seeds and refusing to water the field.

In contrast, growth marketing driven SEO agencies rank for buyer-focused keywords used in a strategy that strives to rank for targeted audiences before nurturing then until they convert to customers. These SEO experts don’t stop at ranking, because the goal is not to rank but to garner sales from organic traffic.

While traditionally larger organizations with appropriate sales cycles use other strategies and technologies to nurture leads, any mid-size business investing in SEO should include marketing to increase conversion rates from organic traffic. The best marketing automation solution will exist in a robust CRM software platform that can be customized for marketing teams to effectively market through SEO, and other strategies if necessary. There are multiple benefits to incorporating marketing automation technology with growth-driven SEO. This article will go over these benefits with the goal to help businesses determine if the combination of SEO and marketing automation will help them hit their revenue goals.

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Save Money in the Long Run with Marketing Automation

You’ve heard the old expression “time is money”. And when it comes to SEO, this is definitely the case. SEO is a process that doesn’t happen overnight and is therefore a time-consuming strategy requiring dedication, patience, and an error-free execution. SEO teams (and clients) benefit from marketing automation because it specifies criteria and outcomes for tasks in which they are interpreted, stored, and executed by software in a manner that significantly increases efficiency and reduces human error thus saving money that can be allocated to other areas of the overall marketing strategy.

Keep in mind a growth-driven SEO strategy doesn’t stop working after it starts ranking on page one of Google; leads must be generated from organic traffic and nurtured until they convert to satisfied customers. Marketing automation removes the tedious man hours it would take in sorting and sending content with little room for error. Companies lose tons of revenue by doing tasks manually that take an abundance of time with errors that simply can’t be avoided due to the fact that human beings are behind the logic. Marketing automation leverages SEO by taking that organic traffic and squeezing buyers from it in a quick, flawless manner.

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Marketing Automation Captures More SEO Leads

When organizations use SEO as a lead generation strategy, they need to be on top of every contact and inquiry that comes in from organic channels. According to Business Week, organizations lost millions in revenue within the first 10 months of 2018 by letting leads fall through the cracks. Let’s face it, tracking every single form submit, email query and other types of contact is extremely time consuming and it is all too easy for leads to get lost. Marketing automation platforms capture every single lead, qualifies them, sorts them, and markets to them accordingly freeing up a company’s time to tend to other vital matters. When it comes to lead generating strategies that make money, SEO alongside marketing automation works brilliantly to mine leads that would otherwise me absent in a pipeline.

In 2018 WEBITMD clients who opted for marketing automation alongside SEO saw an average increase in leads by more than 68 percent within a six-month timeframe. SEO is only as good as the revenue it generates, and a good CRM with marketing automation works with organic search to garner growth.

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Marketing Automation Platforms Grant SEO Data Outside Google Analytics

SEO strategist use Google Analytics as  the prime source for retrieving data they can use to optimize strategies. Really clever SEO agencies also use growth hacking strategies to farm user engagement data from social media platforms to improve SEO. This is done by improving audience targeting tactics through keyword development and content creation.

As valuable as these channels are for farming SEO data, they still don’t provide intimate, personal data about people that enables advanced audience targeting. However, advanced CRMs with marketing automation like HubSpot show marketers where a lead from organic traffic entered a workflow, the search phrase they used, and the steps they took engaging multiple content pieces. It also reveals a lead’s name, who they work for, their job title, and other valuable information that creates a goldmine of data for fine-tuning a SEO strategy with buyer-focused content that truly resonates with individual consumer pains.

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Marketing Automation Keeps Brands in Front of Buyers After the Purchase

The main objective of any growth-driven SEO strategy is to increase sales, and another way marketing automation improves SEO results is to stay in front of the customer after they make a purchase. When you are able to delight your customers with useful content and special offers, the chance they will buy from you again or refer others increases by more than 50 percent. If done at a high level, organic traffic will be the number one source of revenue for most businesses, and if marketing automation software is used to stay in front of buyers after a purchase is made, an increase in sales will result.

Learn How Other Strategies and Tools Aid SEO and Marketing Automation

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