Kill the Needle in the Haystack: How to Spend Less Time Finding the Best Dallas SEO Agency

Brian Miller
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If you are tasked with finding a Dallas SEO agency for your organization, then you could potentially be facing a very time-consuming task and tons of uncertainty. Dallas, Texas is a hotbed for business: the city is not only one of the fastest growing in the country for startups and corporate headquarters locations, it is also exploding on the digital marketing front with SEO agencies in Dallas popping up all over the city. Considering the growth explosion, finding the best Dallas SEO agency to increase business can be very challenging and pose a major headache for the person tasked with such a responsibility. 

That said, this article is intended to help organizations know what to look for in their search to find the best Dallas SEO agency so they can shave hours of valuable time off their task.

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First, Understand Your Own Weaknesses

The best Dallas SEO agency will also be your partner in business growth. This means they will not only be responsible for running your organic growth strategies, but will also help reinforce your internal weak areas. But this means you must actually identify what these are, and oddly enough most of the companies that seek SEO services in Dallas or any city for that matter doesn’t have a solid grasp on even knowing what their weaknesses are. In many cases, the best Dallas SEO teams are part of a bigger growth marketing approach, and they really get into the weeds to understand how their potential client’s current business operations work. Often, there will be a disconnect between sales and marketing. It is also common to find that many businesses poorly manage leads. Try to determine your weaknesses, then reach out to a Dallas SEO agency with growth marketing stack capabilities, and ask them to help you pinpoint your biggest needs while offering measurable solutions.

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Look for a Dallas SEO Agency that Understands Your Customers

Dallas is a hyper competitive market for digital marketing services. All the big Dallas SEO agencies will have the best tech tools to help them identify keywords and search trends. But simply ranking a page for a group of keywords isn’t going to help you achieve your goals, which are presumably not to rank to the moon, but to actually rank for the right buyers, and generate web visitors into sales. This means a modern approach to SEO must be used.

Over the last two years, Google has rolled out a number of core algorithm updates to improve the user experience. With its AI and machine learning accoutrements, Google can actually detect the human need in every search query, and tries to rank results based on how brands offer solutions to those needs. This means the best SEO Dallas agencies must write content (web page optimization, blogs, landing pages, etc) that speak to your customers. The content needs to acknowledge a major pain point, educate the reader, and offer solutions to these specific needs. If the SEO team is really savvy, they will even create pillar pages and content clusters of unique topics that speak to specific customers and their needs, while linking these together and, ultimately, back to the pillar page to help increase ranking AND make the content highly visible for the right buyers thus increasing lead volume, and sales.

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Ask the SEO Agency what Kind of Data they Use to Create Organic Search Strategies

While one Dallas SEO agency might use Google Analytics and Google Trends with a piece of rank tracking software, others that are more evolved and buyer-focused will collect data from other strategies to optimize performance across the board. For example, if you partner with a Dallas SEO agency that integrates your organic strategy into a Growth Stack (a customized set of strategies and tech tools based on how your buyers make purchasing decisions) then data from paid media, and intimate details on leads that come into a CRM through inbound marketing campaigns can be used to optimize audience targeting strategies through content intended to offer organic search value. Just keep in mind that a Growth Marketing Stack using SEO is typically best suited for businesses with longer sales cycles on items with high sticker prices. That said, talk to your Dallas SEO agency and see which approach will offer you the best return on your marketing investment, and that will help you hit your sales goals.

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No Need for an Epic Journey, Call a Few Dallas SEO Agencies with Criteria in Mind

People waste time studying agency websites and looking for specific things that often don’t matter when it comes to the big picture. Simply spend 10 minutes doing a Google search, create a list of roughly 10 agencies, spend a few minutes talking to each one making sure the points covered in this article apply to their approach, carve off the fat and create a short list, then set up a 30 minute call with your top contenders and see how they will customize their approach to your business growth needs. A structured approach like this will save you hours of time, and you will get better results.

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