How to Identify Superior SEO Services that Actually Yield Revenue and Growth

Martin Andrews
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If you are reading this, you are likely searching for an SEO agency best suited to help your business grow.

Here’s the thing: all SEO agencies tell people the same thing: we are the best at what we do.

As an organization looking for ways to hit your growth goals, you need to know how to tell whether or not the SEO provider is as good as they say they are. This article is intended to help CMOs, CEOs, marketing management teams, and business owners find SEO providers who can truly play pivotal roles in increasing your revenue.

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Look Where the SEO Agency Places their Focus in the Pitch

Before we look at the focus your SEO agency places in the initial call, notice if you feel like you are being pitched to, or consulted. Many digital marketing agencies “pitch their services” to companies and claim to have the best strategy to get their business ranking on page one of Google. But is this really your goal? Are you investing your time and money into ranking well in Google, or is your goal to sell more product and increase your sales? Are you looking for more clicks into your website, or year-over-year growth from high-conversion traffic? Award-winning SEO company New York providers focus on individual client goals, and create search engine optimization strategies designed to hit those targets.

Your SEO agency needs to ask specific questions about your company, as opposed to tooting their own horn when it comes to their services. After all, how do you know you truly offer the best services until you know what your client needs, and what it will take to help them grow? If the SEO company is asking questions about your current marketing tools and strategies, your sales cycle, your buyers, and your revenue goals, GREAT! This means you are talking to someone who builds strategies around your unique needs. On the other hand, if the agency flaps their mouth about themselves and how they help other organizations grow, hang up and move on.

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How SEO Services Empower Content that Leads to Sales

Ranking high up in the SERPs doesn’t mean you will make tons of money. It just means you will get lots of clicks. What makes money is ranking the right content, for the right searchers, that get clicks.

Avoid working with SEO agencies that take high-search volume keywords and set our on epic journeys to rank for them. This takes a long time, and even once they start ranking your content, you will get very few clicks that convert into buyers.

Instead, look for an agency that begins their approach in understanding your customers and how they engage content related to your brand, products, and the industry as a whole. If they work with your sales team to create detailed buyer personas and engineer content addressing common buyer needs and pains using great keywords with contextual sustenance, you will rank well for content that strikes emotional chords and opens wallets.

Make sure a standard practice is that, once buyer personas are created, your SEO agency creates content for Google RankBrain and for your consumer audiences. But since the recent algorithm update, writing for these two entities are one in the same.

Ultimately, in-depth agile content strategies using buyer-focused keywords in content designed to rank with Google and wow your customers will lead to sales. Just make sure your agency puts CTAs on pages meant to convert, structures content for the search engines, and makes the onsite experience user friendly.

Did this Article Change the Way You View SEO?

Traditional SEO that worked in 2015 no longer garners revenue through organic traffic. If you found value in this article and wish to learn more about WEBITMD’s approach to modern SEO that yields revenue and scalable growth, download this FREE guide on our award-winning approach to search engine optimization. Then give us a call; we would love to get to learn more about your business goals and see if SEO could be a way to help you increase your monthly revenue.
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