How My Digital Marketing Agency Increased High-Conversion Organic Traffic by More than 70%

Jen Saunders
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Driving high-conversion traffic continues to get tougher as Google’s algorithm grows smarter thus demanding flawless quality to appease its searchers. Not only do you have to outsmart your competitor’s organic strategy, but optimizing pages for the right search queries relies on cleverly sourcing data from the least expected places while having a deep understanding of your audience member’s needs.

Most digital marketing agencies simply don’t invest enough through process into their SEO. They either lack the skills to perform advanced strategies, or they can’t justify investing that much time. WEBITMD is different in that we don’t hold back, even if it means performing some additional research into content strategies and running various SEO experiments. In eight months we were able to increase organic traffic to our website by more than 70 percent. And in the four months we have been running the same strategy with a few customized tweaks for a set number of clients, their organic traffic and conversion rates are already on pace to hit, if not exceed the same numbers.

These are the buckets this article will cover:

  • Content that attracts traffic likely to convert
  • Social listening tactics
  • Using PPC data to optimize content
  • Multiple ranking on page one of Google

This article is intended to help search marketers and organizations change the way they think about drawing traffic to their website and landing pages. When following these tips, you stand not only to increase organic traffic, but draw quality clicks that convert into paying customers.

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SEO that Draws High-Quality Traffic

It sounds easy; in order to drive high-quality traffic likely to convert, you have to provide readers with the information they are looking for, in a manner that resonates with them, and that Google loves. Back in the day Google favored content littered with shameless keyword placement. Though this tactic can still work for some sights, the reality of things is that Google’s algorithm is moving away from this and is favoring content that users engage with. In other words, writing for people means writing for Google.

So let’s distinguish good traffic from the bad. Bad traffic engages just enough with your clicks that you climb up the SERPs. However, your stay is short-lived and you don’t see any increase in sales. Good traffic engages with your site in longer session durations, may visit multiple pages, and make a purchase.

In order to create good content that turns click into revenue, you must have a deep understanding of your buyer audiences, their needs, and learn how they engage content related to the specific industry at hand. If you ever have a free consultation with a digital marketing agency, this will be one of the pain points covered. At least it is with ours.

Our agency began by revisiting each of our buyer personas. We reached out to the sales department to get fresh data pertaining to pain points, the details that won sales, and the fine points that resulted in no sale. We also sent surveys to current clients and those who slipped through the cracks. The outcome was highly valuable; we learned which products they bought and why, as well as the reasons pertaining to purchases with competitors. This data gave us a better understanding of buyer pains and get a score of talking points on what resulted in their ideal solutions to meet their needs. We were able to update our content reflecting these findings, and with this greater performance resulted.

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An Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency Uses Social Listening

One of the best ways to improve meta descriptions and the content you are trying to rank and convert is by keeping your ear to the ground across social media platforms. Use a social listening tool and determine who the various groups are, where they meet, and what time of day their engagement is the highest. Take note of the various talking points: what are the common problems they address, what sort of advice do they ask from fellow group members, what types of images do they share, what brands are they recommending and why? Create a spreadsheet that keeps tracks of these topics. You should create a persona profile and engage these consumers; ask questions, share their posts, and encourage them to share yours. Then determine what resonates with your content, and what is a miss.

This data will help you optimize your content to draw more organic traffic. The right meta description will increase your CTR, and custom content that speaks directly to your audience will result in higher conversions.

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PPC Data can Help Improve Your Content

People often make the mistake of viewing PPC and SEO as two foreign entities that have nothing in common. While they may work in entirely different ways, these marketing services are really just two sides to the same coin. By analyzing keyword usage in PPC strategies, negative keywords, and top performing ad copy SEO experts can extract this data and use it to optimize their own content. PPC data is an eye-opener in determine what resonates with target audiences, and therefore it offers a plethora of benefits for targeting precise readers with content that will increase organic traffic.

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Strive for Maximum Visibility Through Numerous Channels

Savvy, award-winning digital marketing agencies are notorious for running cross-departmental strategies to achieve multiple placement on page one of Google. You can rank in 90 percent of the features that are drawing clicks. Here are various points of real estate where there are ranking opportunities, and how to get there:

  • Featured Snippets – Phrasing and position of answers in short content
  • People Also Ask – Branding: Get searched for / with after the query
  • Video Units – Create and optimize on YouTube
  • Knowledge Panel – Earn brand association, use Schema
  • Maps Box – Claim Google My Business, get backlinks, earn citations
  • Apps – Keywords in titles and descriptions, get popular in app stores
  • Images – Relative images, ALT attributes

Your paid media department and SEO team should get together to create a strategy that aligns paid placement with organic rankings to further maximize visibility. In addition, you should create blogs with CTAs that take people to converting landing pages with the goal to rank high in the SERPs with content that resonates with your buyer personas. According to Google, organizations that rank on page one of Google receive more than 80 percent of clicks, and just so long as your content gives your audience what it is looking for (this ties back to the content strategy) you can expect to see high-converting traffic increased across the board.

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